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#Use a separate print server.

#Connect to a networked computer and share the printer


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Use a sperte print server Connect to a networked computer and share the printer

Load "windows connect now" on both computers. Some versions may not work though

The Novell client for Windows is used to connect your Windows XP computer to a Novell NetWare network.

With either a wireless network card or a Cat5 cable and a switch, hub, or do i connect my mifi4510l to my windows xp desktop?

There are four methods to connect two computers. You can connect via network cable USB data link cable, wireless router or Bluetooth. Choose a method then refer tp the Operating System handbook for your computors. Windows based systems are easier to network than trying to network a mixture of OS's

Factory recovery partition, Windows CD installation and Network installation

Yes. Windows-Linux, Windows-Mac, Mac-Linux all are possible.

Make sure Windows Firewall is not blocking Halo, and that your computer is properly connected to the network.

Networking in windows 7 is easier just click the network icon in the notification area. Type the required password needed for the network found and click connect automatically to save the password you don't need to do anything else

If a PC does not include a network card, it isn't able to connect to the internet. So basically if you include a network card every pc can connect to the internet, if the operating system(e.g. Windows, Macintosh, Linux) on your pc is working properly.

Microsoft does not make a messenger for Linux. However, several Linux clients can connect to the Windows Live Messenger network, such as Pidgin, Kopete, and aMSN.

Works only when the new Windows Vista or XP system is a member of a Windows domain.

Windows computers are made to communicate with each other as long as they are on the same internet Network. You could have Windows XP communicate with Windows Vista and Windows Vista communicate with Windows 7. They will all talk with each other and you should have no problems aslong as your Network is properly setup and they are all on the same network. Once they are connected, turning on File or Folder Sharing will give you access on your Windows 7 to your Windows Vista or the other way around.

If the printer is a network printer or the router has a USB port and supports the printer, you can simply connect the printer to the router and then tell each computer to search the network for printers. If the printer is not network-capable, you will need to set up file and print sharing on one of the computers.

The Wi-Fi might be disabled by a button on your computer, in Windows or a third party software, or there just isn't a compatible WiFi network close enough for it to connect.

User name and corresponding password for windows system. You have to have an account with enough rights to be able to connect to windows through network.

If your friend has a wireless network already set up, then yes (if using Windows XP or Vista) your computer will automatically connect to his network. If his network is protected then he will have to give you the password to enter.

If the two computers are connected to a network, then connect both printers to the same network. Use "add new printer" on both computers, so installing the printer driver for each printer, and both printers will show in the list of devices in My computer (if you are using MS Windows). Or, if there is not a network, connect a separate printer to each computer.

you must have the encryption key to connect to a secured wireless network.

You would have to make use of a computer that connects both the WiMax usb and a network cable to connect to the switch. Then, in windows, you need to bridge the 2 connections.

You should be able to accomplish this task by buying a router. Install it in your main PC. Connect it to the inputs of your laptop and run Windows network setup. Like this you will be able to log onto the internet thru one account. You now have your own network. I am pretty sure this is all you have to do but don't take it as the gospel truth.

Provided the manufacturers are compatible you can connect your network swithc to your router.

Un-comparable, even if it were such thing as 'windows 2003 network'.

You can technically download any version on Windows 98. However, versions 8.0 and 8.1 are the only versions that will both run on Windows 98 and still connect to the Yahoo network.

A person can get Windows 7 to manage wireless connections by enabling the wireless network manager under the control panel. Windows will then remember all connections made and automatically connect to them when in range.

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