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I've been doing web development for more than 10 years and my ideal hardware setup would consist of - 1 Mac computer - Doesn't matter what kind, just used to debug browser compatibility issues. 1 Test Server - It doesn't have to have much memory or CPU. It will run the Web and Database servers. 1 Coding Workstation - At least a 2 GHz CPU and a minimum of 2 GB of memory. 1 Imaging Workstation - At least a 2 GHz CPU and a minimum of 3 GB of memory and a high end video card for multimedia and 3D editing.

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Q: What computer hardware is used for web development?
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Mac, no doubt about it.

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How do you surf the web on recently bought used PC?

Install a Web browser, if not already installed, and connect the computer to the Internet via a dial-up account, Ethernet connection to a DSL or Cable modem, or by connecting to a wireless network (using a wireless card). It depends on the hardware that your computer has which approach is best.

What is meant by web based application development?

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Can I do android app development in html?

Android uses the language Java which is a intense language used to design application. In web development you use Java Script which is used to edit web pages.

Computer language used in web browsers?


What device is used to connect a computer to the web?


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A web accelerator is a proxy server that reduces web site access times. They can be a self-contained hardware appliance or installable software. Web accelerators may be installed on the client computer

What is the name of best computer language?

This is entirely up to preference, but I am partial to C# for application development and Ruby for web development, both are quite modern.

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