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There are many places where one can register for computer hardware training. One can register for computer hardware training at popular on the web sources such as ITT Tech and Byrant Stratton.

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Q: Where can one register for computer hardware training?
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What are some of the best schools that provide Computer Hardware IT training?

One of the best schools that provides Computer Hardware IT training is Carnegie Mellon University. Other top IT schools include Georgia State University, Stanford and Virginia Tech.

What classes should one take for a career in computer diagnostics?

One should go in for a computer hardware course for pursuing a career in computer diagnostics. After the training, one should go for certifications like MCSE.

Who controls the computer hardware?

The one that controls the computer hardware are the softwares installed in the computer, as well as the installed drivers of a particular hardware such as the monitor.

Can I Register 2 ipods on 1 computer?

Yes, you can register 2 iPods to one computer. After registering one iPod, it gives you the option to register another, proving that you can.

What are the different types of register?

There are two type of register in computer cpu. first one is data register and second one is address register.

What part of the computer can one touch?

The hardware.

What is one example of computer hardware?

A mouse

Which is the part of a computer that one can touch and feel?


Where can you get a computer certification training?

One can get computer certification training from Microsoft which offers online computer training for a variety of courses and certification purposes to suit you.

Where can I find computer hardware for a good price?

There are many online shops that sell computer hardware. is one of online shop that provides computer hardware with any kind of models. You can visit

How can one turn a computer into a cash register?

To turn a computer into a cash register you will need the following a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and POS software. First you download a free POS software and purchase the rest of the supplies you need. Attach the scanner,printer and drawer to the computer. Purchase a program like Cash Register and install. Attach the hardware when told to do so and then add the stock you wish to sell.

Is computer forensics training useful in law enforcement?

Computer forensics training is one of the more useful skills, and one of the fastest growing areas of computer training in that industry.

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