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Q: What concourse do international flights for delta leave from at Kennedy?
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Is food served on international flights from europe and united states on delta flights?

Food is served on Delta Airline international flights between Europe and the United States.

Does Delta Airlines serve food on international flights?


Is take with you food allowed on DELTA Airline international Flights?

Yes you are allowed to carry on your own food to a Delta international flight.

Does Delta Airlines have any flights direct from John F. Kennedy to hobby Houston?

At the moment - June 5th 2011 -Delta do not have direct flights from JFK to Houston Hobby.

Does Delta have flights to Newcastle?

Delta Airlines does offer flights to Newcastle. Delta offers flights to many locations nationally and internationally. It is a well respected airline.

What locations does Delta Montreal offer flights to?

Delta Montreal is not an actual flight company. Delta is though. Delta offers flights internationally to countries such as Haiti, Madagascar, and Suriname.

Does Delta airline charge international passengers for baggage?

The first bag is free when traveling with Delta internationally. Whether you get a 2nd bag for free or not depends on what countries you are flying to and from. It also depends on whether you are a medallion or flying in a premium cabin. Delta American Express Cards do not get you a 2nd bag on international flights. Those cards only affect US domestic flights. All the rules are on Delta's website at the related link.

Does delta air fly world wide including remote areas?

Delta has over 450 service points for their international flights. They partner with smaller local or regional airlines to provide end destination or last-leg flights to smaller airports.

Who has the most flights into London heathrow delta or virgin?

Virgin Atlantic operates more flights in and out of Heathrow than Delta Airlines.

Does Delta airlines have television on the planes?

Yes many Delta flights have television.

Does book international flights? has man international flights using many different airlines which include, Delta, British Airways, American Airlines, and man more. To access these flights simply type in the country you wish to visit, the dates and how many passengers and will give you many different choices.

What airlines offer airfares for flights to Hong Kong?

Within the United States, most international airline companies offer flights to Hong Kong. Some of these include United Airlines, Air China, and Delta.

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