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The tropical rain forest must be hot and wet. There must be very fertile soil. It takes many years for the trees to grow.

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Q: What conditions are needed for a tropical rain forest to grow?
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What can grow in the tropical rain forest?

Orichids can grow and other

Can forest grow in a tropical climate?

A forest can grow in a tropical climate, though not all types of trees will survive there. The rainforests of South America are an excellent example of this.

Do fruits grow in the tropical rain forest?


Where do orchids grow native?

tropical rain forest

What flowers grow in the tropical rain forest?

coolioishis flowers

What plants grow better in the hotter conditions?

Tropical plants

What type of plants grow in the tropical rain forest?

flying pigs

Do bracket fungi grow in tropical rainforests?

yes you can mostly bracket fungi on tropical rain forest trees.

How many plants grow in the tropical rain forest?

About 130.000 different kinds.

How tall can trees in the rainforest grow?

Trees in the tropical rain forest can grow up to forty meters high.

What conditions are needed to grow coffee?

The conditions that are needed to grow coffee is warm. The temperature should be between 60 to 90 degrees. And the dirt should be damp.

What kind of fruit grows in the rain forest?

any fruits grow in tropical rain forest by:famous saehan

What is the growing season in the tropical rain forest?

there are no seasons, they grow all year round

Where is the broadleaf evergreen forest located?

in tropical and sub tropical zones were lots of sunlight and moisture let the trees grow continuously

What are the conditions needed for a seed to grow?

sun and rain

A hot wet forest where the trees grow very tall and their leaves stay green all year?

Pick one of these deciduous forest forest coastal forest coniferous forest tropical forest

A large variety of plants grow in tropical rain forest because?

it has very good soil

What Conditions are needed to grow yeast?

Conditions used to grow yeast include bacteria and warmth. It also needs to be a moist area that allows the yeast to grow.

What conditions are needed for decomposers to grow?

Oxygen, water and warmth

What conditions are needed for yeast to grow?

a nice warm substance

How does the water cycle impact the tropical rain forest?

In my opinion the water cycle is important because without it many tropical plants couldn't grow.

What biome are fruit from?

Fruits can grow in a temperate forest biome or a tropical forest biome. Examples of tropical fruits are pineapple, jackfruit, pawpaw and durian; while temperate fruits include apples, peaches and pears.

What are facts about tropical rain forest?

Giant bamboo plants can grow up to 8 inches long.

What happens when a tree falls in the tropical rain forest?

other trees will grow quickly to fill the gap.....

Is the coniferous forest in the tropical temperature or polar?

Coniferous means that the tree has seed cones- like pine spruce and fir. They generally do not grow in tropical zones, but are found in temperate zones, up to the artic. No trees grow in the polar zone.