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Oxygen, Heat, moisture, all the core things a living thing needs, since microbes carry out decomposition.

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Q: What conditions favour decomposition?
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How long does it take a can to break down?

Depending on the conditions for decomposition, it varies. It may take up to 80 years. You can read more about decomposition of many household items, including cans, below.

Decomposition of glass in landfills?

In the natural environment, glass takes approximately 1,000,000 to decompose. Due to the anaerobic conditions and keeping water out of landfills, the decomposition rate of glass could easily double and triple in a landfill.

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Where is decomposition in the forest?

rotting Or decomposition

How is oil and natural gas formed?

Oil and natural gas, also called fossil fuels, are formed by anaerobic decomposition of dead and buried organisms. Anaerobic decomposition is the decomposition of something while lacking oxygen, which is caused by it being buried in mud and sediment, which over time (millions of years) will cause favorable conditions for fossil fuels to form.

What is a breakdown of substances into simpler molecules called?


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What is the abbreviation for in favour of?

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What is it when a compound breaks apart into separate substance?

It's called Decomposition. For example, 2KClO3 --> 2KCl + 3O2

What are examples decomposition?

the examples of decomposition is sugar

What is the decomposition reaction of Al2O3.3H20?

decomposition of Al2O3

What is an edible decomposition reaction?

Digestion of foods involve decomposition reactions, for example decomposition of starch.