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What consoles games that works on ds?

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The DS and DS Lite will play DS and GameBoy Advance games

The DSi will only play DS games (and downloadable games from the DSi shop)

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Yes, they do. DS games and consoles are region free.

Yes, DS games and consoles are not region locked.

Yes, regular DS consoles and games are not region locked.

It works on the DS, DS lite, and the DSi game consoles, it works the same across all consoles. From what I know it wont come out one anything else...

Yes, DS games are not region locked.

There is no such thing as a DS lite game. There are just DS games, which are for all DS consoles.

Yes, DS consoles are not region locked.

Yes, you can! There is no difference in the previous games and the console. DS games will work in any of the "DS" consoles.

The newer Nintendo consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite and even the Nintendo Wii have more adult games to them then previous consoles before them.

Yes, they can since Nintendo DS games are not region locked

No Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS game consoles and maybe some other Nintendo and not on any of the Xbox or PlayStation game consoles regardless of the country or region.

The Professor Layton games can be played on different game consoles. Some of the game consoles that support the Professor Layton games are Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS.

No, you can't since the DS and the Wii are two different consoles.

There are no Ratchet And Clank games on DS, the franchise is exclusive to Playstation consoles.

Yes, original DS and DSi consoles are not region locked.

Yes they do, as the hardware for the original DS is identical to the DS Lite, it should work.

yes it works the same as the ds in the ds games

You'll have to trade in games/consoles for cash/credit at the store you want it from. It's not just as simple as trading DS for DS.

Yes, they will work since the Nintendo DS is not region locked

No. They are different gaming consoles from rival companies.

no.only action replay for the Advance works only for that system.Action Replay for DS works for DS games only.

SDHC cards do not come with DS games on them. You need to buy the DS games seperately

The DS can play both gameboy and ds games there are also games where you may need both the game boy game and ds game to truly complete!

All the Nintendo certified games,merchandise,and consoles have the Nintendo seal on it.Even Japanese games have it!

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