What constellations are visible in the summer from 9pm to midnight?


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Depends where you live.

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9pm september, in northern hemisphere source:

There were four watches: First Watch: Sundown - 9pm Second Watch: 9PM - Midnight Third Watch: Midnight - 3AM Fourth Watch: 3Am - Sunrise

It is best seen at 9pm EST in September.

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for 2011, Pisces should be best visible during November 6-9 at 9pm Pacific Time

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There are two reasons, firstly, during the summer months in the northern or southern hemisphere, due to the tilt of the Earth there are longer days. Secondly, the UK observes DST (Daylight Saving Time) which means that sunsets occur one hour later in the summer than they would if DST was not observed. If the UK was on GMT all year round, it actually would be starting to get dark at 9pm in London.

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