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What continent does the country of Bulgaria belong to?

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It is a country in Europe.

2012-04-23 13:13:39
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What continent does Bulgaria belong to?


In what continent does Australia belong?

Australia is both a country and a continent. The country of Australia belongs to the continent of Australia.

What continent does the country Berlin belong to?

Germany, a European Country

What country touches all three of these countries Europe Asia Bulgaria?

Europe and Asia are both continents, not countries. And Bulgaria is a country in the continent of Europe.

Which continent does Romania belong to?

Romania is a country in Europe.

What continent has the country Jesus belong?

Jesus was in Asia.

What continent does singapote belong to?

Singapore is an Asian country.

Which continent does Iserael belong?

Israel is a country in Asia.

What country belong to the Antarctica?

There are no countries on the Antarctic continent.

What continent does New Zealand belong?

New Zealand doesnt belong to a continent,we are a country comprised of two main islands(North Island and South Island) as well as Stewart Island in the south east is the only country that does not belong to a continent.

Does Denmark belong to country of Europe?

Europe is not a country. It is a continent. Denmark is a country in Europe.

What continent does Lesotho belong to?

Lesotho is an African country,or nation.

Which continent does Nauru belong to?

Nauru belong to Oceania. It is a tiny island country northeast of Australia.

Name five countries on the continent of FRANCE?

France is not a continent. It is a country. It is in the continent of Europe. Five other countries that are in the continent that France is in are Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Sweden.

What country does Italy belong?

Italy, it's its own country. It's on the continent of Europe.

What continent is Bulgaria on?

Bulgaria is in Europe.EuropeEurope

Is there a country on earth that doesn't belong to a continent?

Iceland or New Zealand

In which continent does Syria belong?

Asia. Syria is a country in Western Asia.

Which country and continent does Mexico belong to?

Mexico is an independent country located in the North American subcontinent.

What continent does lake Huron belong to?

Lake Huron belong to the country of: North America; Along the North Eastern part of the country of North America.

What continent belong the Solomon island?

The Solomon Islands are a country in Australia & Oceania.

What are all the countries that belong in Australia?

Australia is the only country in/on the continent of Australia.

Which country does not belong to any continent?

There are numerous countries, all islands, which do not belong to any political continent. New Zealand, for example, does not belong to any continent, although there is a mistaken belief that it is part of Australia. New Zealand belongs to the region of Oceania which, despite being reported by some sites as a continent, is not a continent in the geographical sense.

What country is the mother of all Spanish speaking countries and which continent does it belong to?

Spain is the mother country and it is located on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe at the Southwestern corner of the continent..

What is a continent that belongs to Japan?

The question is asked backwards. Japan is a country of the Asian continent (Asia). No continents "belong" to Japan.