What continent is Istanbul on?

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It is in Both Europe and Asia, the only city in the world that lie in two continents.
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Where is Istanbul?

Istanbul is located in Turkey. It is the only city that spans twocontinents (Europe and Asia). Istanbul is one of the greatestcities in the world and as of 2007 has a population in excess of 12million. Instanbul is located in southeast Europe, although Turkey (thecountry in which it is located) is ( Full Answer )

Map of Istanbul?

The link below takes you to a clickable map of Istanbul , by the municipality of Istanbul. Click Eminonu for the old town locations ( it is the peninsula on the left bottom of Bosphorus straits , which you may identify on the map as a separation between the lands on the left and right : http://se ( Full Answer )

What is the government in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city within the country of Turkey and accordingly has a municipal government consisting of a mayor and a governor.

Is istanbul a capital?

It is not currently a capitol. It was the capitol of the Byzantine Empire in the 3-5th centuries, and an important port city always. It is located in Turkey.

Where is Istanbul located?

Istanbul is on the North-Western Turkey on Marmara Region between Marmara Sea and Black Sea and splitted by Bophorus as Asian and European side.

Bangkok to Istanbul?

A flight from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok to Ataturk Airport inIstanbul will take 11 hours and 12 minutes. Bangkok is four hoursahead of Istanbul.

What is the capital of Istanbul?

Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, is a principal city of the Turkish Republic. (The capital of Turkey was moved to Ankara.)

What religions are in Istanbul?

Religion in Istanbul is Islam. But there are many other religions like Jewish and Christians

Distance from Toronto to Istanbul?

About 8,200 km by airplane (ref:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/distance.html), so on a map that would be less.\n. \nTravel time by air is 10:40 from Toronto to Istanbul, and 11:10 the other way (http://www.thy.com).

What is the population of Istanbul?

14,697,164 (2007) . \nWith the latest official results, it is said that Istanbul has 14 million people living in itself. \nIn some cases, some academics argue that the population is more than that, because there are lots of tourists coming everyday and also there are lots of migrants also living at ( Full Answer )

What is the government of Istanbul?

Ä°stanbul is the most crowded city of Turkey - not a country. And Turkey is a Democratic Republican Country. People vote for the political parties just like most countries in Europe.

How old is Istanbul?

The city in Turkey dates from ancient times. In the Ottoman Empire, it was called Istanbul by the Turks after it was conquered in 1453, and this is its exclusive modern name from around 1930. It was known as Constantinople ( Constantinopolis , New Rome ) and was the capital of the Eastern Roman ( Full Answer )

On what continent are you?

Everybody lives in different continents. Antarctica isn't very populated.. The continent I live in is Europe, I live in Britain. That is in Western Europe.

What is the religion for Istanbul?

Istanbul is in Turkey, and Turkey is a Moslem country. From what I know, it is about 98% Moslem, though the veiling of women is not obligatory.

Which waterway separates European Istanbul from Asian Istanbul?

\nBosphorus ( Boğaziçi in Turkish) seperates European istanbul from Asian Istanbul. \n. \nIstanbul is surrounded with Black Sea at the north and Marmara Sea at the south. Here Bosphorus is the sea flow of these two seas.

Why is istanbul famous?

Istanbul is a very old city, originally founded as a trading city by the ancient Greeks and called Byzantium. Later, the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire (Constantine) renamed it after himself (Constantinople) and moved the capital of the Roman Empire there from Rome. Later, after the fal ( Full Answer )

What does Istanbul mean?

The area around the place today knowing as Istanbul, was founded in 7 th century BC . Its name was Byzantion , named after Byzas * , the king of the Hellenic city of Megara * . (Megara was and is a city just an hour away of Athens, Hellas). The development and the growing of the cit ( Full Answer )

What to do in Istanbul?

You can visit Blue mosque, take a walk along the Bosphorus or go to luxery shpo centers as Istinye Park or Ak Merkez. There are more then 10m people so you may not get bored.

What mountains are in Istanbul?

There is no any mountain in Istanbul although there are many hills. The highest point of Istanbul is the Aydos Hill, there is on the Asian side of the city on Kartal District which is 537 metres high.

Is there freedom in Istanbul?

Yes. Answer 2 The question needs to be qualified, i.e. freedom to do what? orfreedom from what? For example, in Istanbul, the media isrelatively free. Religious worship is generally free. However,there is no freedom for civilians to carry weapons.

Is istanbul in Afghanistan?

No. It is in Turkey, on the European side of the Bosporus, the place where the Black Sea empties toward the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the climate in Istanbul?

The climate in Istanbul is generally similar to Marmara region ; summer months are warm and humid with very little rain especially between July-August, winter months can be cold and wet with some snow but not that much extreme as some other areas of Turkey. Spring and autumn are mild and this would ( Full Answer )

What is the religion in Istanbul?

It changes. There is a large population of Muslims, but Turkey istheoretically a secular country. Sunni Muslims make-up themajority, but there is also a large population of Alevis (approx.1.3 million live in Istanbul). There is still a Christianpopulation (mainly Orthodox Armenians, Syrian Christian ( Full Answer )

How did Istanbul get its name?

It is not clear. In some resources, it is the different pronunciation of Medieval Greek name of the city "is tin ˈpolin". In some sources, it is mentioning it is something related the word Islam. The official name of Istanbul was Konstaniye until the 1930s, even though Istanbul was a popular name ( Full Answer )

Is Istanbul the only city located in two continents?

There are actually a total of 4 transcontinental cities. The largest and most known would of course be Istanbul, Turkey located in Europe and Asia. The others include Atyrau, Kazakhstan (Europe/Asia), Orenburg, Russia (Europe/Asia), and Suez, Egypt (Africa/Asia).

How is Istanbul for tourists?

Approximately 10 million tourists visit Turkey each year and thisnumber has been growing. As with any large city, be careful. Also,be prepared because not many people speak English outside thetourist areas. That being said, it is a favorite destination ofmany and a definite must-see.

What is there to do in Istanbul?

There are many historical sites to visit including palaces like the Dolmabace and the Topkapi. The Princes Islands make a day's visit. There is the Bazaar, the Beyazit Tower and Istiklal Street as well as the Art Museum, the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sophia. There is also some of the best food to be h ( Full Answer )

What is istanbul known for?

-Bosporus -City located in two Continents (Europe & Asia) -Hagia Sophia -Constantinople -Byzantium -Sultanahmet Mosque -Taksim Square -Basilica Cistern -Fenerbahce Sports Club

Where is new istanbul?

"old city" istanbul is surrounded by city walls , so new istanbul must be out of city walls

Who named istanbul?

Istanbul got its name from the Greek vernacular:" ee steen poli". When a person would be asked " where are you going?" the long answer would be "to Constantinople", the short answer would be " ee steen poli"Translated from Greek:" to the City".After Constantinople was conquered by the Turks it was a ( Full Answer )

What does Istanbul stand for?

the largest capital and former capital of turkey The name is derived from the Greek "Ein ten polin" (into the city)

What year Istanbul named Istanbul?

1453 is the year that Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans. There is a large discrepancy over the exact year that the city was named Istanbul. Different historians and different books offer opposing opinions. Though it may have been referred to as Istanbul earlier on, the name was officially ( Full Answer )

Is Istanbul a state?

No, Istanbul is not a state or a country, it is the biggest city/province of Turkey .

What are bodies of water near Istanbul?

Istanbul's districts extend far from the city center along the full length of the Bosphorus (with the Black Sea at top and the Sea of Marmara at bottom).

Who founded istanbul?

Istanbul is located over ancient Byzantine settlements Constantinople, Scutari, Khalkedon, Kartalimen, Palekenon etc. The first settlers of Istanbul was in Khalkedon (today's Kadıköy district) were Megarans since 680 BC. Since 660 BC, another Megaran clan settled on Constantinople region, they ( Full Answer )

What is istanbul like?

If you haven't seen this beautiful city yet, you should. You can find different cultures from the history and you can also find the Islamic, Christian and Jewish cultures together. Turkish people are amazing, they are so kind and nice. Istanbul is a fantastic city.

Why are there continents?

The continents are formed by lighter but thicker sections of the Earth's crust, which ride above the mantle and the thinner oceanic crust. The tectonic plates that form the continents are mostly in constant motion, sliding past, into, or away from each other. They all sit atop vast liquid oceans of ( Full Answer )

What are the landforms in Istanbul?

Becklevia,Moausk,Churches and you may think im tricking you but anlandform in istanbul is called yollo yollo in arabic mean large

What does a continent have?

The question is "What does a continent have?" in the sense of "What are the characteristics that cause us to call something a continent"? If so, a continent is simply a large enough land mass to miss being called an island. Australia is right on the edge of the decision (it's a continent) and so wou ( Full Answer )

What country and continent Istanbul in?

Turkey... it's in the part of Turkey which is in Europe, althoughthe city is often also considered a part of the Middle East (whichwould be part of Asia).

What is a continent-?

The definition for the word continent is "any of the world's maincontinuous expanses of land (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia,Europe, North America, South America)."

What Continents are their?

There are seven continents. Three of them are located mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere and are connected to each other. They are Europe, Asia, and Africa. In the Western Hemisphere, two continents, North and South America, are connected via the Isthmus of Panama. There are also two separate, isolate ( Full Answer )