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Q: What continent is Nigeria located in?
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Related questions

In which continent is Nigeria located?

Nigeria belongs to the continent of Africa.

Nigeria is located on the western coast of?

the continent africa.

What continent is Lagos located?

Lagos is a city in Nigeria, Africa.

What continent lake chad located?

Lake Chad is located on the African continent, and is surrounded by four African countries: Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon.

What is the continent of Nigeria?

Nigeria is on the continent of Africa.

Where is Nigeria located in the continent of Africa?

It's located on the coast of West-Africa, near the Gulf of Guinea.

Which continent is Nigeria part of?

Nigeria is on the African continent.

Is Nigeria in South Africa?

No, South Africa is located in Southern Africa right at the bottom of the African continent and Nigeria is located all the way in west Africa. The two countries are about a 7 hour flight away from each other although they are on the same continent.

Lake Chad is on which continent?

Lake Chad is located between four countries (Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad) on the African continent.

The Yoruba people are an ethnic group located in what continent?

Many people have not heard of the Yoruba people. However, they are an ethnic group located on the continent of Africa on the West side, but found predominantly in Nigeria.

Is Nigeria in Spain?

No. Nigeria is a country in the continent of Africa. Spain is a country in the continent of Europe.

Which continent is Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country in Africa.

Which continent is Nigeria on?

Nigeria is a country in the continent of Africa. It is in western Africa and it has a coastline that faces south.

Is Nigeria on the African Continent?

Yes. Nigeria is in Africa

What part of Africa is Nigeria in?

Nigeria is in the "armpit" of Africa. It's located between Benin and Cameroon on the west coast about midway down where the continent bends southward after heading east from the Ivory and Gold coasts.

What continent is Nigeria on?

It is on the continent of Africa.

What two continents does Nigeria belong to?

Nigeria is part of the African continent.

What town is next to Nigeria?

Nigeria is not a town but is a country in the African continent

Where is Nigeria?

On the continent of Africa, under the western bulge, near the equator. Nigeria is located in west Africa. It's located south of Niger, west of Cameroon and east of Benin. Chad also shares a small border on North-East Nigeria. (see related map link)

What continent is Nigeria in?


What continent is Nigeria is in?


What continent is Nigeria?


Where in the world is Cameroun located?

Cameroon is located on the western coast of the continent Africa. Cameroon borders Nigeria, Central African Republic, and the Congo. It is connected to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Nigeria located at?

Nigeria is located in western Africa.

What is the continent and country of lagos?

country > Nigeriacontinent > Africa