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For non polar zones: Glacier Fedchenko in Tajikistan, Asia.

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Antarctica is the continent mostly covered in snow and ice.

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Antarctica and North America

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Q: What continent is mostly covered by ice and now?
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Is the ice on Antarctica salt water?

Nope...lots of land, even unfrozen lakes, under the ice. Basically, Antarctica is a small continent (say the size of Australia) covered by a sheet of ice...and now it's shrinking. no, underneath the ice is rocky land Edited by Danielle Robertson 5/3/2009 :P

What soil does Antarctica have?

The Antarctic continent is classified as a desert because of its low humidity -- about five percent. The continent is covered -- 98% -- by an ice sheet, and the bedrock under the ice sheet is composed of the rocks and rock formations found on every other continent. Since only the beaches are not covered, the 'soil' on the continent is sea-washed stone rubble, like you would find on any beach.

Evidence about ancient climates indicate that?

glacial ice once covered much of what is now India and Australia

How much of Antarctica is left?

Antarctica is 5,400,000 sq miles (14,000,000 sq km) in size. Of this, 5,300,000 sq mi (13,720,000 sq kms) is ice covered, leaving 100,000 sq mi ( 280,000 sq km) ice free. This works out at 98.15% ice covered, 1.85% ice free.

What covered much of what is now the midwestern US and eastern canada?


During the most recant ice age glacier covered about percent of the earth's land area?

The previous answer was incorrect. NOW the Earth's surface is covered with ice, but during the most recent ice age, NEARLY 30% of the Earth was covered by ice!I'm a little bold

What did North America look like during the last ice age?

It shaped much of New England. Huge amounts of gravel were pushed around, creating Long Island. It covered Canada under thousands of feet of ice.

What does it mean that an ice berg has calved?

It means it has broken off of the ice shelf (which is attached to a continent), and is now free to float off into the ocean.

Why does the earth have ice caps?

In the latest ice age almost the whole world was covered with ice (almost as far as the equator), most of that ice has now retreated as the earth's temperature increased but what is left is still at the coldest parts of the world i.e. the poles. The ice was created from water freezing at the low temperatures and then covered with snow.

How much of North America is covered in ice right now?

You can find this information at the related link, updated daily.

Is Antarctica covered with continental glaciers?

Arctica was an ancient continent which formed approximately 2.5 billion years ago in the Neoarchean era. It consisted of the Canadian and Siberian shields, and is now roughly situated in the Arctic around the current North Pole. Arctica joined with the continents Atlantica and Nena about one billion years ago to form the supercontinent, Rodinia. jaiboi666

Where do giraffes live now?

Well some live in zoos all over the world, but naturally they live mostly in the continent of Africa.