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The largest lakes in the world are in several different continents. The five largest lakes are: The Caspian Sea in Asia, Lake Superior in North America, Lake Victoria in Africa, Lake Huron in Africa, and Lake Michigan in North America.

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Q: What continents do the five largest lakes belong to?
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What continents do the five largest rivers in the world belong to?


On which continents are the world's five largest lakes located?

The five largest lakes are Caspian Sea, Superior, Victoria, Aral Sea and Huron. They are located on three continents; North America, Africa and Asia.

On which four continents are the five largest lakes?

North America , Africa and Asia

Are there more continents or great lakes?

There are seven continents in the world and there are five great lakes in North America,

The five largest lakes in the world are located on what continents?

There is much argument of the use of the word lake. So much so, that you can find many differing lists of lakes and their sizes. Until all agreed as to what exactly a lake is, we will have to take the most common or used term of the word. Which means that in this answer the Continents holding the five largest lakes are Asia, North America and Africa.

What are the largest lakes in South America?

what are the five largest lakes of south america

To what group of lakes does Lake Huron belong?

the five great lakes.

What is the name of the group of the five largest lakes in the US?

The Great Lakes

What are the five lakes in the world from largest to smallest?

There are many thousands of lakes in the world.

On which continents are the world's five largest lakes?

Caspian Sea - Asia & Europe Superior - North America Victoria - Africa Huron - North America Aral - Asia

The following are the five largest lakes in the world To which continents do they belong?

The Caspian Sea is a salt water lake lying within Europe and Asia. Lake Superior is one of the Great Lakes of North American. Lake Victoria is an African Great Lake. Lake Aralb, also known as the Aral Sea, is located in central Asia. Lake Huron is the second largest Great Lake in North America.

Is the largest of the five great lakes?

Lake Superior is the largest great lake

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