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look at it closely could be a blackhead or pimple

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Q: What could a small hard immovable lump that can be felt just inside the nostril along the bone connected to your jaw and is very painful be?
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What is this painful lump on the inside of nostril It is very tender and it has made the left side of my nose swollen.?

Usually that can be a pimple on the inside of the nose.

Can you get a tattoo on the inside of your nostril?


Can you get herpes on your nostril?

The nostril is a common location for herpes sores. The bumps may be found on the outside or just inside the nostril.

What is the difference between a frogs nostril and a humans nostril?

Frogs outside nostril are just slits while our nostril comes out. The inside is located in the mouth. We obviously do not have a nose in our mouth.

Can you get cold sore in the nostril?

Cold sores are painful blisters that can be found inside the mouth, on the face and even in or on the nose. You can actually find them anywhere on your body, including genital parts!

Large growth inside of your nostril?

growths inside the nostril are a common sign of nasal polyps. these growths are benign and are quite common. But just to be sure, the growths should be evaluated by your doctor

What could a tiny lump on the inside of the left nostril be?

A baby!

What college did coolio go to?

Inside your nostril!!! Are you Ruby Gloom!?!?!

You blew your nose and it hurts bad inside your nostril why?


What is the function of the inside nostril of a frog?

allows frog to breathe with mouth closed

Left nostril swollen on the outside of my face and redness on left face and painfull inside of nostril and hurts when I touch my nose today is day3 with this pain Please help.?

did u get punched in the face??

Stinging red swollen and pussing inside nostril?

It could be MRSA. Please go see a doctor.

How do you take the studs out your nose?

Properly done nostril piercings don't have backings on them (those with backings are not proper nostril piercings and were done with a piercing gun) they are of a screw design to prevent them from being snagged and pulled out by accident. You need to twist the nostril screw around till you can see the bottom of the screw portion inside your nostril, grasp the top of the nostril screw and gently pull down toward the edge of your nostril, then simply twist the screw until the jewellery comes out of the piercing. If you are still having issues see your local professional body piercer for assistance.

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What could a small hard bump inside the skin of the outer nostril be?

i have one tooo yay! woop woop

Is getting a tattoo on your forearm painful?

It mainly depends on your tolerance for pain, but in my experience it is not painful. I have tattoos on both forearms and wrist. 21 tattoos in all and really the only painful one was the inside of my calf

What could be the cause of a non-painful red spot inside my cheek?

An accidental cheek bite is the most common cause of a non-painful red spot inside your cheek. This often happens when you are eating or chewing gum.

What could be the cause of painful small lumps inside your ears?

Blackheads and pimples do form inside the ear and down in the canal.

Pimple inside the nose?

A pimple that forms inside the nostril can be caused by picking the nose.Another cause of a pimple in nose is when you pluck out a nose hair. This can also happen if you trim your nose hair and accidentally nick the membrane inside your nose where an infection can start.

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When thermometer is kept inside the mouth

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When snorting cocaine what happens to your nose?

The inside of your nose is very sensitive. Repeated cocaine use will destroy over time the inside of your nose to the point that you could have a hole from one nostril to the other. Cocaine is bad news.

What is the function of a frog's inside nostril?

The internal nostrils allow them to breathe.The inner nostrils were used for breathing.To breathe in O2 and breathe out CO2

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their are inside your variator which is connected to your drive belt

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