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What could be causing a 1990 Chevy Lumina Van to lose power after it warms up?


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2006-07-01 13:16:00
2006-07-01 13:16:00

This is very hard to diagnoise sometimes. Go to auto zone and see if there are any codes. Check the thermostat. It may not be opening up all the way and your engine is running too hot causing a lean air/fuel mixture. If there is a check engine light on I would have the codes read at either a dealer or an auto parts store. Another possibilty is that the hydraulic lifters are wearing out and are compressing under acceleration and not pumping up to the designed height. If there are a lot of miles on the engine that possibility would not surprise me. Hope this is helpful in anyway. Nick. They didn't say it was overheating? Or had a ticking noise so your answer is missleading.I'd be inclined to say it's probable the cat converter starting to plug up.Dave There was a recall for the cat convertors on the early lumina and transport vans. The spot welds to the baffles gave way and caused premature restriction therefore at running temp the motor cannot evacuate its emmisions. Dave is correct in reply. Cheers! Sid GM Tech.


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Not overly familiar with the Lumina, but you might have accidentaly disconected them at the bus, or the CD player could be drawing to much power(unlikely)

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On top of the power steering pump dummy

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A 1997 Chevy Lumina with a 3.1 that will not start, turns over, and doesn't spark; most likely has a defective ignition system. The coil may be damaged or wire providing power could be damaged.

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