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Did you have an outdoor job? Have you spent a lot of time in the sun? If so, you had better see a doctor about those painful sores so he can rule out melanoma.

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When was John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns created?

John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns was created on 2005-12-16.

Can you get burns from a menthol cigarette?

uh, yes!

How does the fire come from a cigarette lighter?

the liquid in it burns i think!

What is the average time a cigarette burns while being smoked?

The Average time a cigarette burns while being smoked by my calculations is between 5-10 minutes depending on the person...

Why are steam burns so painful?

Steam burns are painful because they damage the skin just like any other burn. Steam burns hurt because the water in steam keeps the heat trapped in the skin.

How many celsius is the tip of a burning cigarette?

Tip of cigarette burns at a hot 1700 degree Fahrenheit (926 degrees Celsius) when the smoker inhales. In between puffs, it burns at a cooler temperature.

How do you remove cigarette burns from an acrylic tub?

Fine wet sandpaper

What are the ratings and certificates for Dawson's Creek - 1998 Cigarette Burns 5-18?

Dawson's Creek - 1998 Cigarette Burns 5-18 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Acids can produce painful burns and damage what?

somethin fruity

What chemical causes painful burns if touched?

Sulfuric acid.

What do some acids produce painful burns and damage what?


Why are second degree burns painful?

You have damage your nerve cells. A 3rd degree burn kills them so it is not painful.

What family guy episode does peter line the kids up for cigarette burns?

It was cigar burns but... it was Friends of Peter G.

How do you get cigarette burns off your bathroom sink?

A paste of baking soda and vinger.

Notice 6 sores on your back what looks like cigarette burns?


How does smoking a cigertte make you get lung cacer?

the smoke from the cigarette burns your lungs.

What are the release dates for Dr- Phil - 2002 Questionable Cigarette Burns and Calls to CPS?

Dr- Phil - 2002 Questionable Cigarette Burns and Calls to CPS was released on: USA: 12 March 2012

What type of paper burns the slowest?

Ungummed thin rice papers burns really slow and is most similar to cigarette rolling papers.

What is true about first degree burns?

That they are very painful and take time to heal.

The smoke that is produced as as cigarette burns is known as?

Many things, to include 'first hand smoke'.

How long does it take to smoke a cigarette?

Varies from person to person and cigarette to cigarette. When nervous, one tends to drag too frequently and too deeply - causing fire-point to reach the filter tip sooner. In some countries, cigarttes come in different lengths. So same person would take less time if he smokes a small-length cigarette. Some keep inhaling till the fire burns their fingers. But some throw the but well before it reaches the end point. But on an average 3.5 to 5 minutes per cigarette.

Why is second degree burns more painful than third degree burns?

Third degree burns are also called full thickness burns. This means that the nerves are also burned. Since the nerves are destroyed then there is no signal to be able to the brain.

Why is the mass of cigarette greater before it burns?

The mass of ash is less than the original mass of the cigarette, because in the process of burning, some of the original mass escaped as gases.

What are the differences between 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burns?

First degree burns only affect the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis. These cause slight swelling and redness and are fairly painful. Second degree burns affect the epidermis and the dermis. These burns are very painful and cause the skin to turn bright red and blister. Third degree burns affect the entire skin, including hair follicles, sweat glands, oil glands, blood vessels, and other structures. These burns aren't painful because even the pain receptors have been damaged, and are often leathery, white, brown, or tan in color.

How do you Repair cigarette burns in car upholstery?

You really cant unless you want to put in new fabric