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were the plug wires replaced in the right order or did they get mixed up? were the new plugs properly gapped before being installed? if you didn't use new plug wires, maybe a broken plug wire? make sure the plug wires snapped onto the head of the plug securley what all was changed out when you had the tune up done?

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What can cause your 2004 Pontiac vibe to shimmy and shake after you had tires rotated and balanced?

It could be your rims are bent. Or it could be the rotors are warped

Your 1994 Pontiac Sunbird hesitates when you reach 40 mph what could it be?

How does it hesitate? does it shake or seem as if it dont have a lot of power?

How much milk could a milkshake shake if a milkshake could shake milk?

If a milkshake could shake milk, a milkshake would shake all the milk that a milkshake could shake.

What happens when you shake a permanent marker?

Ink will be forced from the tip potentially causing quite a mess. If the cap is on, the cap could fill with ink potentially causing quite a mess.

What could be causing the van to shake when driving over 60 mph?

Struts and alignment This typically happens when the the wheel alignment is off.

What could cause my 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis shake or vibrate when it is stoped at a light or stop sign?

Perhaps your timing.

Why does your car shake and stall when you stop Check engine light is not on 1999 Pontiac grand am se 130000 miles 4-cylinder?

most likely one of your two coils are bad

What is causing my car to shake very roughly all the time upon startup idle and driving?

It could be a bad motor mount or mounts. Motor mounts have rubber in them and go between the engine and the frame. Over time the rubber gets brittle and wears out, causing the engine to shake.

Why does a 1988 grand marquis shake as you accelerate to a certain speed?

Wheel balance or drive shaft balance. Could be bearings also.

Why do big dogs shake?

A big dog will shake because he feels that he wanted to. Or he could shake to get water off of him. He could shake because he was stretching.

1991 Pontiac grand am 2.50 why does the front end shake?

It really depends on when it does it, if it does it at one speed, then it goes away at another, the tires need to be rebalanced. If it still does it, then the tires and rims are excessivly warped. hope this helps!

Does the rack and pinion make the car shake when stopping?

It is probably your brake rotors causing the wobble or shake. As they wear the surface becomes rough and less perfect causing the brakes to grab unevenly.

An is a sudden release of energy in Earth's causing?

An_is a sudden release of energy in Earth's_,causing the ground to shake?

How are tectonic plates involved in causing earthquakes and volcanoes?

the tectonic plates shake under the earth causing earthquakes

When a front axle is going out in a 2000 Pontiac gran prix does it cause the car to shake as if theres a knot on the tire?

Yes it could do that. It would be close to separating into two pieces.

How do you use subconscious in a sentence?

Veronica could not seem to shake the feeling that was just under the surface her mind. This subconscious feeling was causing her to lose sleep constantly.

What makes a Pontiac montana shake at 45 mph?

It is possible that the shaking in a Pontiac Montana at 45 MPH is the result of failing bearings or tie rod ends.

What is causing your car to shake even while idle?

miss alignment of tires

What happens to make an earthquake occur?

Tectonic plates colide causing the earth to shake.

Does a steering wheel shake damage the vehicle?

Not the steering wheel shake itself, however what is causing the steering wheel shake, can certainly be extremely dangerous and potentially cause you to lose control of the vehicle. **GET IT CHECKED OUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS**

Why Boeing 737 had Sudden shake?

I am not sure about the exact situation but it may be "Turbulence" which is the result of the plane flying through an area of unstable air causing the aircraft to shake.

What is the cause of earthquakes in Southern California?

The tectonic plates shift causing them to collide and shake the ground.

What will cause a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am motore to shake while it is idleing but level out when you give it gas?

Any number of things, from a marginal or wire to low compression in one cylinder, a vacuum leak or in some cases an injector problem. I don't know if your Grand Am has multi-port injection or throttle body injection, so I can't answer that one for you.

What is causing your 2004 Honda Odyssey to shake at 20-25 MPH?

try having the wheels balanced. It could also be un-even wear in the tyres especially the front ones.

Why car shaking Toyota Corolla?

The Corolla could be shaking for many reasons. Start by checking the wheel bearings and brakes for wear. Then check the engine to see if it running rough, causing the shake.

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