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What could be draining the battery on a 1992 Geo Prism you put in a new battery and a new alternator?

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2006-07-11 20:56:10

make sure ALL lights are switching off when car is closed up for

the night...also, new radio system? is the Amp staying on all

night? also, an old test is to disconnect the negative battery

cable and connect it back up...but use a test light to make the other words extend your negative cable with the

test light and touch it to your negative terminal... if the test

light bulb glow, it shows there is a draw on the system(have

everything turned off while doing this) when the light comes on

something is on and drawing power...start disconnecting

fuses...when you disconnect the cicuit that is causing the draw,

you'll be able to pinpoint the problem... also... ...everyone

should have a manual for their vehicle(parts store or dealer), and

a local library should have professional shop manuals available in

the REFERENCE section for free...make copies of the appropriate up and good luck :) Dead short somewhere. Test by

turning off everything (even dome light, clock etc) pull fuses if

you have to. Disconect pos battery terminal. Put 12v test light

between battery and battery cable. The brighter the light burn, the

worse the short. Isolate circuit by pulling fuses one by one.

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