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Could have something to do with nerve damage because when you submerge yourself in water whether it be cold or hot, your blood vessels constrict or contract and therefore affect your nerves. Keep a log of when this happens and what your doing and had been doing and go see your doctor.


If this is your pool TURN OFF THE CIRCUIT BREAKERS TO THE POOL AND LIGHT RIGHT NOW !!!!!! This includes pool lights or lighting, pool pump etc. Once that is accomplished, do what you normally do at the pool to see if you can duplicate the situation. If you cannot duplicate then the problem most likely lies in the electrical systems of your pool environment. Leave the power off to these places and call a qualified electrician to troubleshoot. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE OR LET ANY ONE ELSE USE YOUR POOL UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS SUFFICIENTLY CORRECTED.!!! You have stray voltage leaking to the pool shell in some manner. Do this today oops this is a holiday then Tuesday.


2008-06-29 21:33:22
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A stroke or nerve damage would cause a lack of sensation in the fingers.

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The main symptoms of the condition of Trench Foot is having a itching, heavy feeling and in some cases a prickly foot. Trench foot may cause pain, tingling, swelling, blotching and red and warm foot.

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Yes, giving blood can cause numbness in fingers however, this is not a normal reaction. If you experience numbness in your fingers after giving blood, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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In a 59 year old female what could cause extreme sensitivity and prickly feelings in fingers and hands?

May be a disorder on the peripheric, micro-circulation, or may be something related to a neurological disorder, like excess of vitamin B6, or lack of vitamin B12. You can get help either of an angiologist or a neurologist.

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Nerve issues are a common cause of numbness in the left thumb, or in the fingers. Nerves can also cause a tingling sensation in the fingers as well.