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What could be the cause of back pain bleeding cramps and a lot of pressure on growing at 34 weeks?


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You need to call your doctor. Especially since you are bleeding and having cramps. Good luck and God Bless:)


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Bleeding will cause blood pressure to drop. If the bleeding is severe and is not stopped, death will result.

Pregnancy can cause cramps.

No. They may cause constipation, which may cause you to apply way too much pressure when you try to relieve yourself, and that may cause rectal bleeding.

sometimes, the coming of the menstrual period can cause cramps, but you are actually bleeding, no it does not hurt, if it does, you may want to contact your doctor

Yes. Stress can cause many different kinds of physical pain: headaches, muscle cramps, stomachaches, backaches, etc.

It is used to look for fibroids and other ovarian abnormalities that may cause heavy bleeding or cramps.

What is the cause of aching or cramps in your thumb and small finger?

If a wound is bleeding severely, it is best to cover it with a bandage and pressure. Direct pressure on an open wound may cause some damage, but stopping the bleeding is more important.

no better go see the doctor quikly if you dont it might cause your child health problems or anything like that

Basic First Aid 1) remove the jewellery 2) apply gauze and direct pressure to the area 3) wait with pressure applied, the body will attempt to form clots to stop the bleeding. Do not try to reinsert the jewellery once the bleeding stops, this will cause the bleeding to re-occure.

The cause of leg cramps at night is due to the wrong of way of laying on bed or wearing some thing heavier. The leg cramps main cause is the stop of blood supply cause by different type of acts while sleeping.

Leg crampsLeg cramps has been reported by people with low density lipoprotein abnormal.

The hormone-like chemicals responsible for menstrual cramps are called prostaglandins. These normally don't cause menstrual cramps, they are produced to cause the uterus to contract to push out menstrual flow, but in larger quantities they cause inflammation.

The most frequent cause of GI bleeding is hemorrhoids.

It could be a miscarriage, although bleeding shouldn't be of concern if the fetus is properly developing. I suggest you go see your ob-gyn for another ultrasound in order to find out if the bleeding is serious. Ultrasounds don't cause blood or cramps. Take care, T. Hawk

being deprived of salt or water causes cramps

YES! Unlike any other stomach cramps I had before.

im not sure but i know that bananas cure cramps.

Bacterial vaginosis usually does not cause bleeding. But it may be a predisposing factor for cervical erosion. Cervical erosion may cause bleeding.

Continuous high blood pressure can cause damage in layers of blood vessel, thus rupture, and can cause internal bleeding (hemorrhagic stroke). It can also make the heart big as it attempts to compensate with the increase blood pressure.

The birth control pill can cause side effects such as headache, breast tenderness, dizziness, breakthrough bleeding, and cramps. Talk to your doctor about your problems.

Yes, gonorrhea can cause irregular vaginal bleeding in females.

NO Use of condom will not cause bleeding esp if its well lubricated Only rough unlubricated sex can cause bleeding in female Bleeding may occur if virginity is broken during first sex

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