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could be headlight fuse or headlight switch.

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Q: What could be the problem if only the brights work?
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If your running lights work and your brights will ingage then what is most likely the problem on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

You didn't mention a problem.

Head lights went out only brights work what is the problem Is the problem in the light switch or in the steering colume?

I own a 1991 F-150 and had same problem. Check the high beam (floor) switch. That was my problem, I normally kick the switch.

1990 Jeep Cherokee i know my headlights and brights are in the same bulb and my headlights come on but brights dont so i replaced the wiring inside the steering column and they still dont work ideas?

have you replaced the dimmer switch? if not that may be the problem. I had the same problem in reverse( brights worked but headlights didn't) water damaged the dimmer switch on the steering column once I replaced it all was good.

Why don't brights work on 2002 grand am?

Check to see if the foglight switch is on. Brights (high-beams) are automatically disengaged when fog lights are being used.

Is a password or code needed in order to get power on a Lexus ES when you have a new battery and alternator but the only things that work are the brights and clock?

its ur starter

2002 Buick regal head lamps not coming on brights work but only if held otherwise not staying on?

Sounds like you have a faulty stalk/multifunction switch.

Why would all the lights in a 92 Dodge Spirit work except for the headlights which were just replaced?

The problem could be one of two things. The most comon problem is the multi-function switch, (the swotch that turns your brights on and your signals, and your wipers when the contacts get worn out the headlights may not work,) Also doge had some serious problems with ignition switches, not to be confused with the tumbler this is what the tumbler mounts in.

Why would dim lights on a 91 Nissan Truck not work but the brights do?

It is probably the dimmer switch. The contacts in the switch will get pushed back and when you switch to dims they will not touch. Had the same problem on my 91 Nissan.

Why won't my brights work on my 2000 explorer sports trac?

There is no 2000...Trac's start at 2001.

Can the dim headlights burn out while the brights still work?

Yes, if you have dual beam lamps.

What could cause the dim lights not to work. Brights are working and driving lights are working in a 94 grand prix Is there a dim light fuse?

The dim lights on a 1994 Grand Prix could go out when the headlamp switch is on if there is a short in the wiring for the headlights. There could also be a problem with the bulbs themselves if they were touched during installation. The oils in the fingers can short out new headlights.

What would cause Brights not to work on a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

either both bulbs burnt out highbeam only or you need a headlight switch (controls signals, cruise(if it has it), and headlights)

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