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Well it takes 3 things for an engine to run,fuel,air and fire. I would start checking the fuel pump output first as you said it had fire

timing belt broke if you checked all the fuel,air,fire

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:32:33
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Q: What could be the problem on a 94 Ford Ranger 2wd that died while driving and does not start back up?
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Why wont your 2000 ford ranger start it stopped as you were driving you changed the fuel filter and fuel pump still wont start Please help thanks?

Check your fuses could be an electronic issue.

Why would a car alarm start while driving?

It could be your remote that is faulty and while in motion it can activate. I had that problem. If not, you have a short somewhere in the wiring.

How old do you have to be to drive in nigeria?

No age requirement, just get a care and start driving. No insurance? No problem, No license? No problem.

What could be the problem if a 2001 Plymouth neon shut down while driving and will not start?

I believe that vehicle has a timing belt, it may have let go.

Why does your Ford Ranger suddenly cut off?

i had the same problem with my 90 ranger just suddenly cut off and won't start back or would start but ran awful it was the chassis ground broke

The engine turn over but wont start what could be the problem?

I do not have a answer for it, do you an answer for this problem?

Toyota corolla vibrates when in gear 1st and in gear 2nd as you start off and when in low speed mostly when driving uphill?

There are quite a few things it COULD be. Could a broken belt in one of your tires. Could be a CV joint going bad. Could be a flywheel problem. Could be an alignment problem.

What is the problem of nissan elgrand it does not start while switch on is ok?

The problem with the Nissan Elgrand if it does not start when the switch is on could be a mechanical problem.

Why wouldn't a 1986 Ford Ranger start?

It could be like 500 different reasons.

If a distribitor cap was installed wrong can that make a 1988 ford ranger not start?

Absolutely! It's a common problem.

Your car quit while you were driving down the road what could it be?

I had the same thing happen to me in my '78 Ford Ranger... I checked and replaced everything ppl told me it could be. It ended up being a three dollar fusible link. I'm not sure if all vehicles have one or not but I'd check that out, could save u a lot of time and money. My friend figured out that was the problem when he could start the truck by jumping the solenoid.

You were driving down the interstate when your car felt like it was in Neutral mode but was geared in Drive mode. Is this a transmission problem?

This problem could be in the transmission or there could be a broken axle, if the vehicle is front wheel drive. Start by checking the computer codes if possible, for any issues that may show where the problem is.

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