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What could be the problem with a 1988 VW Passat if when you are at top speed the temperature continues to rise?


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2011-10-18 03:29:03
2011-10-18 03:29:03

There is no radiator cap on a 98 vw passat. You should have a pressurized system. You may have an air bubble. The tool to pressurize it is $140 and the thermostat, if its stickin is only $15. Go figure. Plus you don't want the pleasure of doing it yourself. It's an 8 hour job. Good luck! Trade it in

This would be easier to answer if you said what you call top speed and whether you were driving in the winter or summer, and how often you drive at top speed. At top speed, the load on the engine is much higher so the temperature will go up some, but not necessarily overheat. Coming back to normal speeds would bring the temp back to normal. This is typical with most cars. Check you antifreeze strength and level, if they are good then there isnt a problem.


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It could be caused by a cavity you might want to go to the dentist and the problem continues.

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