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AnswerIt sounds like you had better find out what's causing the problem.

I got a fiero at the begining of this year. I struggled for month and change the module several times, but it turn out to be the old wiring that went to the distributor. So check your wiring.

Sounds like you have a bad ground. Run another ground strap from the battery to the engine near the coil. Clean the mounting surfaces real good so it can make good contact.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-26 13:43:13
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Q: What could be the reasons for modules on a Fiero lasting only a month?
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There are two reasons. The first is the bulbs in the lamps could be blown or the fuse that run them are blown.

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You probably have a cracked EGR tube The Fiero Store has replacements Google them

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