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The most probable answer is: Coolant is not flowing through your radiator. Coolant is low/empty, radiator is smashed or clogged, but most likely the thermostat was not installed correctly or has failed. BUT - if any of these were true you would also overheat in stop/go, 30 mph traffic. If you can drive all day at 30mph stop/go and not overheat, look at the next answer.

Another answer: The automatic transmission is slipping in 3rd, creating a lot of heat at highway speeds. If you can see gray or sooty tranny fluid on the dip stick, keep driving it until your clutches burn and get a new 4 speed (200 4R or 700 R4). Don't rebuild the stock 3 spd.

Just FYI, at 55 mph the fan isn't doing anything anyway. And I can't believe it's really "only" at 55 mph. For example, if it started over heating at 55 mph and then you slowed to 25 mph stop and go driving, it would cool down?

fan shroud not installed,thermostat in backwords,air flow blocked.

If your car is an automatic like my 78, the only definite solution I know to this common problem is to trade in your transmission for one with overdrive. You can notice that the car won't overheat at the low rpm's you encounter on most surface streets and then when you get on the freeway, you hit 4000 rpm and almost blow up the engine in the slow lane. Personally, I'm going to take out that automatic and put in a five speed manual. Ultimately the investment should pay for itself with the fuel economy you'll probably get, not to mention that a three speed automatic tranny will almost definitely just burn itself to dust in the modern world anyway.

i had lot of different years if you replace the clutch fan with a streight fan it will over heat at a high rpm due to the blades streighting out

I had a 86 TA, the air dam would drag and came off the car, I didnt think anything of it so at 55 or higher the car would over heat, make sure the air dam is attached that runs along the bottom of the car. air dam under car missing is 100% ypur higway speeds air goes around radiator,need lower spoiler to divert air to radiator g

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Q: What could be wrong if a stock 78 Camaro Z28 350 overheats only over 55 mph?
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What else could be wrong with my 97 Seville STS It overheats and I've already replaced the thermostat with no change.?

it could be the water pump or a blown head gasket

Your 1995 Volvo 850 overheats when you do not have the heat on what is wrong?

Fan could be broken. Pump could be broken. Could be al leak. Or something else. At least: is serious! Could ruin engine foregood. Get it fixed.

What is the horsepower on a 1989 Chevy Camaro RS 2.8L V6?

The horsepower of a 1989 camaro Rs is 173 horsepower. WRONG. The number 173 refers to the cubic inches of the 2.8L engine. The rating of that engine is 135 HP stock.

1990 IROC-Z28 Camaro that sometimes cuts off when you stop what could be wrong?

sounds like the carb

What could be wrong with my1995 Camaro 5sp clutch went to the floor and it is stuck in neutral?

it might be the slave cylinder

What could be wrong if the engine in your Jeep Cherokee Renegade 1995 overheats after running for about 10 minutes but the radiator remains stone cold?

It could be your serpentine belt, thermostat or water pump.

What is a 2000 camaro 3.8L gas mileage?

last time i checked it was 19 city 21 highway but i could be wrong

If your right turn signal on an 1986 Camaro is out and the left still works and you have replaced both bulbs what could be wrong?

maybe wrong bulbs 2057 or 3157 or 1156

What may go wrong with a camaro 1989?


How do you fix the Speedometer on a 91 Camaro RS?

whats wrong with it?

What could be wrong with the heater on a 1996 camaro Z28 if it still blows warm air on low setting and coolant is normal?


Why 1994 v8 tarns am overheats?

first check to make sure your fan comes on. if it does then there are several things that could be wrong. first do you have enough water/antifreeze in the radiatior. check to make sure you have no leaks. then replace the thermostat located in the top radiator belt housing connected to the motor. if it still overheats try replacing the water pump. if it still overheats after that check your oil to see if theres water in it if there is you blew a head gasket

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