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Ya had same problem and I asked electrition at work and he told me to install a 20 amp GFI outlet ( I didn't know they mad them ) and tat tool care of my problem but it will still trip if my wife umplugs her curling iron while it's still turned on it's just in the way that they are made it don't take much to set them off that's why they save lives every day, HOPE THIS HELPS

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The electrical outlet in my bathroom will power most things but my hair dryer the GFCI is not tripped the hair dryer works fine in other outlets and the fuse doesn't blow?

You, my friend, have a problem with your hairdryer! The windings for your motor or the heater are brushing the ground system within the dryer. The whole reason we have GFCI systems is to prevent you from using that very device in your bathroom. Buy a new one!

What could happen if a hair dryer was used in a bathroom?

The H2O in your hair would evaporate quickly.

What would happen if you used a hair dryer in a bathroom?

People use hair dryers in bathrooms daily. You just need to follow safety precautions to prevent the dryer from shorting out, which could cause injury or even death. Many bathroom outlets are equipped with GFI or GFS safety switches and these should be used for maximum safety.Precautions:Do not pull the dryer plug out by the cord.Do not immerse the dryer in water.Do not let the dryer motor become wet.Handle the dryer with dry hands when possible.Do not stand barefoot on a wet or concrete floor, or in a bathtubDo not use a dryer that has a worn or damaged cord.Do not use a dryer that emits smoke, sparks, or loud noises.Do not use adapters or extension cords..

Why shouldn't you use a hair dryer in the bathroom?


How can you convert a 240v clothes dryer to 120v can you use to different outlettes?

You cannot use 2-120v outlets to power a 240v dryer. You can convert a 240v dryer outlet to power 2-120v outlets if they are supplied with a neutral. This requires a competent electrician. Do not do this yourself.

What could happen if you used a hair-dryer in the bathroom?

You could dry your hair, you could get a shock, you could just stand there, you could wet your hair and then dry it again... the possibility's are endless!

How do you get on the hair dryer in poptropica?

You have to jump onto the counter in the bathroom and than jump from there onto the hair dryer

Why hair dryer work with bed room outlet but not work with gfci outlet at bath room?

It could be that the bathroom circuit simply has more on it so the hair dryer is pushing the circuit beyond its limit. In a typical bathroom, properly wired, this would not be the case. But if there are lights on the circuit other than in the bathroom (it would take a lot of lights for this to be a problem), or if there is a source of heat in the bathroom that is on, this may be where your problem is.

What can happen if you sit on a dryer?

You could fall off the dryer. If you are large, you could damage the dryer.

Will your hair dryer work in Jamaica?

Maybe...... as long as they have the same outlets/plug-ins.

Will your US washer and dryer work in the UK?

No, your United States washer and dryer will not work in the United Kingdom. Both countries have different power outlets.

How long is 70 minutes in the dryer?

It's an hour and ten minutes.

Is it hard to move washer and dryer from kitchen to bathroom in a condo unit?

Not at all

Why does your main circuit breaker trip when your dryer runs 15 minutes Is it because your vent needs to be cleaned?

Could be but you could also have a weak breaker that will no longer hold the load of your dryer. That is if your talking about your dryer breaker tripping. If your "main breaker" is tripping you have a different problem. Call an electrician in that case. A plugged up dryer shouldn't be tripping your main

Is it hard to move washer and dryer from bathroom to kitchen?

The washer is usually no problem, but you may run into problems with electrical supply and vent for dryer.

Which outlets will need 240 voltage lines?

A stove, dryer, water heater, furnace, heat pump.

How long do have to put your knee pads in the dryer?

depends on the type of dryer you have. I put mine in for about 55 minutes.

What Simple machines can be found in a bathroom?

hair dryer, earner, light switch, and thermometer

What is the typical amperage rating for dryer outlets?

Normally most dryers need a 30 amp current supply to operate.

How do you get gum out of a clothes dryer?

Wet a dryer sheet and let it sit on the area where the gum is for ten minutes. Then use the dryer sheet to "scrape" any remaining gum.

How do you shrink a rubber band bracelet?

A dryer usually works, throw it in for a few minutes or better and easier hair dryer

Does a dryer kill bed bugs?

Yes any clothing or bedding placed into a dryer that reaches a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit for over 10 minutes will kill the bed bugs and their eggs.Added:Because a dryer does not reach it's maximum temperature for about ten minutes leave them in the dryer for thirty minutes. If the material is wet from washing, this time should begin after they're dry.

Does a clothes dryer kill bed bugs?

Yes. Set the clothes dryer at medium to high heat, put the infested cloths (dried) and run the dryer for 20 to 50 minutes.

How do you put a longer cord on your dryer?

There are many ways in which you could put a longer cord on your dryer. You could put an extension cord on it.

What are more examples of current electricity?

light bulbs,outlets, compuetrs, hair dryer and usually things that are connected to outlets. (oulets are tehe white rectangular things where yu plug wires into,just so you know,)