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This could be a variety of things. Strep throat maybe but that becomes sore, possible STD - you should seek medical attention in the event it is a STD in your mouth/throat before it becomes serious.

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What is wrong if you have painful bumps or blisters on your tongue throat and inside your nose?

It sounds as though it may be a type of Herpes. You should see a doctor. Not all forms of Herpes are sexually transmitted.

What might be wrong if you have itchy bumps on your hands and feet?

It could be Dyshidrotic eczema. With this condition, you could have:Clear blistersRed, cracked skinScaly skinIt could also be other conditions. See your doctor or dermatologist.

Bumps on fingers?

this could be from holding your pen wrong

What could be wrong if you have bumps on your neck?

skin cancer, advise to see a doctor right away

What's wrong if the day after sex you noticed your vagina was swollen and painful and now there are pimple-like bumps and your glands are swollen both in the pelvic area and your throat?

Could be numerous things you need to be seen by a Dr. or nurse at a clinic or Hospital.

What could be wrong if your lingual frenulum has bumps on both sides of it?

those are normal they are ducts for which saliva flows from check out

Your front driver side wheel takes bumps hard whats wrong?

If your front driver side wheel is taking bumps very hard there could be some kind of damage. It could be a bust strut or rod and need to be replaced by a mechanic.

What is wrong when you have pus bumps on your lips?

When a person has pus bumps on their lips, they most likely are getting a cold sore. You should leave the bumps alone.

What could be wrong if you have red sore bumps in the middle of your tongue that look like a pimple?

Many sore bumps in the mouth can come from a number of infections. Hopfully oral herpes is not your case which comes from giving oral to someone infected with the disease. Other problems can be throat infections or even an allergic reaction to something you ate. A doctor or pharmacist can very well be able to prescribe something for you.

What is wrong when you have a few bumps on your tongue toward your throat?

many things could be going on you could have an STI (sexually transmited infection) or an STD (sextually transmited desiese) in your mouth this comes from oarl sex, also you could have chiken poxs in your mauth go to a doctor as soon at you can they can find out what is going on, but until them no oarl sex or kissing you might give it to you partner. be safe

When you swallow and it feels like your throat is swollen what is probably wrong?

sore throat

What could be wrong if you have two bumps on your head and one on your back close to your shoulder and they feel hard and hurt when you touch them?

See a doctor immediately.

Bumps in the inside of your vagina lip what wrong?

It could be a STD (Herpes or Genital Warts) or it may be something else. A trip to the doctor is necessary.

What is wrong with Pork Bones for Dogs?

they can scratch your dogs throat, and maybe get stuck in their throat!

Is your throat supposed to feel weird after you have had a cough drop and there was nothing wrong with your throat?


What could be wrong if when you clear your throat thick mucus comes up and your chest feels a little tight but you have no cough?

It could possibly be a sinus infection. Your doctor could tell you for sure.

How do you make your dog stop gagging?

Take them to the vet to see what is wrong with them, they can help you. It could have something stuck at the back of it's throat.

My throat feels bruised and like when i burp it hurts at the bottom what's wrong with my throat?

You dying

What could be wrong if you are spotting blood in your urine and have a sore throat?

the blood in the urine could be due to a lot of things, perhaps a kidney infection, bowel infection or cistitis.

Why does a lump form in my neck followed by pain when i proceed to eat or drink when i don't eat or drink it goes down?

Well it could mean your throat is dry, or it could mean there's something wrong with your tonsils, OR you may have strep throat. Ask a doctor.

What if your coworker informs you that he had to remove his glovesduring shift and the skin on his hands is now cold and hard to the touch what could be wrong?

If the skin is hard, white, and developes blisters, frostbite is most likely.

Your car makes a thumping noise and it feels like you are going over bumps on smooth roads The frequency increases with speed What could be wrong?

Most likely a bad tire.

Your 10 week old staffy pup keeps gagging and retching but has not vomitted Any ideas what could be wrong with her?

Your dog could have eaten something it shouldn't that is lodged in it's throat, take it to a vet.

Is doing screamo bad for your throat?

If you do it wrong, you can damage your vocal chords.

What can be the problem when you have bumps in the back of your head?

you need to see a doctor about that one. sorry!! something is wrong.