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This could be a bladder infection if it is accompanied by pain. See your GP and they will take a urine sample and perform some tests.

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Q: What could be wrong if when you urinate there is a pink tint on the tissue when you wipe?
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Could you be pregnant if you feel a lot of pressure on your bladder when you urinate and there was a light pink color on the tissue?

Sounds more like a urinary tract infection.

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You could be

What could be wrong if you're 7 weeks and have had pink spotting on the tissue that is gone now but you're now experiencing lower back and stomach pain?

I would consult your doctor.

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Are you pregnant if it is pink after you wipe yourself after urinating?

Pink on the tissue after urinating is probably a tiny trace of blood. It could have come from the vagina, anus or urethra. It could be from infection, irritation or menstruation.

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Yes. You may also experience a sting when you urinate.

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