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Hi I did a pregnancy test on the Friday and it was positive however on the next day (the day my period would have been due) I had the bleed it only happened for a matter of a few hours and then went away I called the hospital who said it could be a presentation bleed but I couldn't take another test for a week. I waited for the week went to the hospital and the reading was positive my baby girl is nearly two, big and bold thank god!!!! Dont worry there is every chance you are probably still pregnant Good Luck!!!!

AnswerNothing is wrong. Spotting is normal.
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:56:23
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Q: What could be wrong if you are pregnant and had light pink spotting for one day but it is now gone?
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What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting light red blood and your cramping?

You are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant or could there be something wrong if you have been on Cerazette for eight months and you have just started to get very bad cramps with light spotting?

There is a possibility you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a quantitative beta hcg blood test.

Im 16 years old and am 2 weeks late i have had some light spotting for a few days i have many symptoms of pregnancy could i be pregnant even with the light spotting for more then a day or 2?

It sounds like your pregnant, you should considering in taking a test just to be sure. But if your not pregnant than there could also be something wrong. So its better to be sure. Dont be scared, it will be okay.

If you are not pregnant what does it mean if you are spotting and have mucous discharge for 9 days?

There could be something wrong go to the doctors

What could be wrong if you had a big clot then brown spotting before your period then had a light period and tested negative for pregnancy then started having fever and elevated lymphocytes?

You could have an infection and it's time to see a doctor. This does not mean you are pregnant or have cancer!

Can you still get your period while being pregnant?

Yes you can. While being pregnant you can still have spotting, which is often confused as a light period. You can still have a healthy child with this going on. If you know that you are pregnant and begin spotting, you should go to you doctor at once. Although if you are ignorant of being pregnant you can still have a healthy child, it is a sign that something is wrong.

What is the difference between spotting if you know you are pregnant and actual menstruation?

spotting is light and can last for a day or two where your regular period will last longer...depending on when your last period was. I hope this can help you out and if i am wrong i guess congrats is in order

You are spotting when you were suppose to get a period Took a pregnancy test came out negative could you be pregnant?

you might tecnology these days you never know if there right or wrong

What does it mean when your period was 4 days late and your spotting and the blood is dark?

You could be pregnant so go to your doctor, something may be wrong check it out.

You have light pink spotting on 31 weeks pregnant what is the causeThis is the 3rd time i have had it?

if you have been to the doctor and he/she said nothing is wrong then it could be from having sex, or that you have a blatter infection or it could just be that you are just getting ready to have your baby. but if you havent been to the doctor you need to go just in case something is really wrong.

What could be wrong if you are pregnant have spotting and it burns when you urinate?

You may have a urinary tract infection. Any bleeding during pregnancy should be discussed with your OB/GYN.

Can you be pregnant if you been spotting through out your period and took pregnancy test it was negative?

yes if the test was wrong

Are you having a miscarriage if you are six weeks pregnant and you have started having red and pink spotting every few days?

Though some women have been known to have light spotting during their pregnancy and there is nothing wrong, itis still a great idea for you to see a doctor pronto because that could be a sign that you are either gonna miscarry or already have.

Is it normal to have your full period when pregnant?

No it is not normal to have your period while pregnant. I have heard of some small spotting while pregnant but if you have your full period while you think you are pregnant, you thought wrong. You would not be pregnant.

What could be wrong if you're 10 weeks pregnant and have been having bad period-like cramps and started spotting light pink to red to brown blood but the doctor has not determined a miscarriage?

You need to see another doctor with a fresh outlook on your situation.

What happens if you bleed before birth?

Well it could mean that you are having a miscarriage, but spotting while you're pregnant around the time you have your period is normal. It could also mean that something might be wrong with the fetus(baby).

What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting brown blood?

nothings wrong it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign

What could be wrong if you have had light spotting for a month?

It can mean a large variety of things. If this is unusual for you, consult with a doctor. This could be a natural reaction to a new medicine, stress, or a symptom of an underlying problem. Also it could mean that you are pageant.

Its been six months since your last period for the last 4-5 days i have been spotting light brown and light pink could this be my period or could i be pregnant?

I would say, you could be pregnant. But are you showing any other signs of being pregnant? Because if you are, and down near where you ovarys are it is large then you have a like 99.9% chance your pregnant. You should also go to www.g u r make a account and then go on the message boards and make a post asking that question. You will get lots of different answers some right some wrong but most of them right!

I haven't had a period in 4 months and now spotting for 2 weeks What is wrong?

you may be pregnant. go see your GP

What does it mean when your period blood is very light and watery and your only spotting?

you have something wrong with the way you have you period

Can being pregnant make you have a period on the wrong day of the month?

When a female is pregnant, she does not have any periods. The most you will get (until time to deliver) is some spotting in the beginning, after sexual intercourse, or near the end of the pregnancy. Spotting means a very light pinkish fluid that doesn't actually "bleed" but would appear on a pantyliner at various times throughout the day in a very small amount.If you are bleeding any more than just spotting during a pregnancy you must seek medical attention immediately. It could be extremely dangerous for you and your unborn baby if you do not get it checked out.

Why have i been spotting for 3 days now?

im assuming that you are pregnant... some women just do. tell your doctor imediatly thow. there could be something wrong with the baby. most likely not thow, but you can never be to safe.

Just took 2 pregnancy test both positive but I'm having cramps and spotting help?

If both pregnancy tests are positive, you are pregnant. Those cramps and spotting is PERFECTLY normal. Nothing wrong there.

Are you pregnant if your spotting?

Most likely, i had my spotting while i was having sex, it was a light pink bleeding and i though i got my period. it went away within 2 days and came back randomly another time. I googled it and it said that can be a cause of a std like gonorrhea, i was freaking out but nope, turns out im pregnant! I suggest you go to a clinic and figure out what is wrong, all girl bodies are different and not knowing doesnt solve anything! it could just be your period is changing or stress!