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Spotting While Pregnant

What could be wrong if you are pregnant and had light pink spotting for one day but it is now gone?


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2011-09-13 22:56:23
2011-09-13 22:56:23

Hi I did a pregnancy test on the Friday and it was positive however on the next day (the day my period would have been due) I had the bleed it only happened for a matter of a few hours and then went away I called the hospital who said it could be a presentation bleed but I couldn't take another test for a week. I waited for the week went to the hospital and the reading was positive my baby girl is nearly two, big and bold thank god!!!! Dont worry there is every chance you are probably still pregnant Good Luck!!!!

AnswerNothing is wrong. Spotting is normal.

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It sounds like your pregnant, you should considering in taking a test just to be sure. But if your not pregnant than there could also be something wrong. So its better to be sure. Dont be scared, it will be okay.

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Yes you can. While being pregnant you can still have spotting, which is often confused as a light period. You can still have a healthy child with this going on. If you know that you are pregnant and begin spotting, you should go to you doctor at once. Although if you are ignorant of being pregnant you can still have a healthy child, it is a sign that something is wrong.

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