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could be in pain, can you check his temp? dogs should be 104 i believe, check their ears, paws, feel over there body see if they don't like you feeling a spot. aftr xmas sometimes they get an ornament hanger in their paws, go to pet websites. I have a Bichon Frise and a Cockapoo and they'll go off their food for a day. Sometimes they refuse breakfast or dinner. I often find they are simply spoiled, so I put the food up off the floor and ignore them. My husband and I never feed our pets off our plate so if we have a little chicken, fish, etc., we'll take it into the kitchen. Dogs are bright creatures and they soon get the message that unless they eat their own food they won't be getting those juicy little tid bits. Dogs and cats are similar to humans. Sometimes we just don't feel hungry, but we aren't sick. I think it's the bodies way of resting and adjusting itself. If your pet doesn't eat in two days (she doesn't seem to be in pain) then I'd let it go for the two days (watch their water intake), then if things don't improve in those two days take your pet to the vet for a physical.

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What are the signs when a cat is going to die?

Laying around, not drinking or eating. Also not going to the bathroom.

What is the Jewish fasting?

Jewish fasting normally refers to refraining from eating and drinking.

When can you give the puppies?

Normally at around 8 weeks of age, but only if the pups are eating and drinking for themselves.

Dog isn't eating or drinking or using bathroom and is very lethargic?

Take your dog to a Vet ASAP, this is a sign of dehydration, do not wait any longer.

How can you stop yourself from going to the bathroom if you are camping?

About the only thing you can do is to try not eating or drinking anything. You may succeed with defecation but you are going to keep urinating whether you like it or not.

Which is healtier drinking a milk before eating or drinking a milk after eating?

It is healtier either way.

When is soda bread eaten?

Any time you fell like eating (drinking) it, normally the only soda bread i no is called quas its Russian :D

How do you get choleara?

Normally cholera is caught by drinking infected water or eating food that has been contaminated by a person infected with the bacteria (not washing their hands properly).

When do squirrels go to the bathroom?

They usually go to the bathroom when they are by themselves, holding still, and not eating.

What are the robins habitats?

eating and going to the bathroom

Can chihuahuas eat apples?

Well my chihuahua loves eating apples

The process often thought of as 'cell-drinking and cell-eating' are?

phagocytosis- cell eating pinocytosis- cell drinking

Can you eat in a limo?

In sometimes you can, they allow drinking and eating in limos. In some limos they don't allow eating or drinking.

Is it normal for your dog to stop eating or drinking after having puppies?

NO it is not. She could be in big trouble. She could still have a pup left inside or an infection such as mastitis or lack of calcium called eclampsia (serious problem). Normally she should be drinking or eating. Something is wrong. Take into your local Vet NOW!

What foods do Christians eat?

Christians normally eat just about every type of food available. However, they are forbidden from drinking blood or eating things that are strangled.

What are the pincers of a crab called?

The Claws. the big one if for eating and drinking and the little one also helps with eating and drinking.

Is drinking milk after eating meat good?

In drinking milk after eating meat good? What problem will faced our body for the activities?

What is the danger of not eating and drinking?

it can be poisenous

Does drinking a lot of milk and eating cheese make your bottom bigger?

No, drinking milk and eating cheese will not make your bottom bigger.

How do you get rid of cholera?

People get rid of cholera by eating or drinking health stuff, such as drinking orange juice eating health foods.

Why is that eating and drinking is not allowed in the library?

because the food / drink might spill on the book . and like , the library is for reading only , not for eating or drinking .

What is Irene van Dyks eating prgramme?

eating proteins like eating cheese,eating vegetables and drinking milk

How long can cats live with out eating?

about 2-4 months or weeks because without eating or drinking they die, just like a human, without eating or drinking you can die easily.

Did Elvis Presly die eating an hamburger?

No, he died in the bathroom

What were two problems with mining?

yes! they are: in the bathroom and eating chocolate ;)

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