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What could be wrong if your chihuahua has not been eating or drinking today but has been using the bathroom normally?



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could be in pain, can you check his temp? dogs should be 104 i believe, check their ears, paws, feel over there body see if they don't like you feeling a spot. aftr xmas sometimes they get an ornament hanger in their paws, go to pet websites. I have a Bichon Frise and a Cockapoo and they'll go off their food for a day. Sometimes they refuse breakfast or dinner. I often find they are simply spoiled, so I put the food up off the floor and ignore them. My husband and I never feed our pets off our plate so if we have a little chicken, fish, etc., we'll take it into the kitchen. Dogs are bright creatures and they soon get the message that unless they eat their own food they won't be getting those juicy little tid bits. Dogs and cats are similar to humans. Sometimes we just don't feel hungry, but we aren't sick. I think it's the bodies way of resting and adjusting itself. If your pet doesn't eat in two days (she doesn't seem to be in pain) then I'd let it go for the two days (watch their water intake), then if things don't improve in those two days take your pet to the vet for a physical.