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What could be wrong when you hear a clunking sound when a 1996 Chevy Tahoe settles after it comes to a complete stop?


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I had this problem with my 99. an auto-trans mech drove it and told me to lube the driveshaft slip yoke at rear of the trans. solved the problem! I have been told that GM sells a special grease for this. Grease only lasts about 800 miles. There is a retrofit for the yoke but it only works on 2000's and above The rear u-joint can be easily opened with a 12mm wrench. Keep the parts marked with chalk so they go together the same way. Slide the driveshaft back and remove it from the transmission. Clean the transmission end of the shaft inside and apply high temp brake grease into it with your finger. Put a lot of grease into it. Reassemble and put the u-joint together and you are underway in 15 minutes. This fix will last 5000 miles or more, depending on the grease. Find a type of grease with a high drop temperature, indicated on the can. I found some that had a drop temp of over 500F so it won't melt and run out driving across the desert in the summertime.


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