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Q: What could be wrong with a 1996 Ford Taurus which has a automatic trunk release that just quit working?
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Brake will not release gear shift lever on 2001 ford taurus. Any instructions on how to fix it?

Check your brake lights,if they are not working it could be your brake light switch or a fuse.If you have no current to your brake lights you will have no current to your shifter release solenoid.If that's not it,could be release solenoid itself.

What could be the cause for an automatic temperature control to stop working?

Blend door actuator failure.

Where is the transmission stick located in a 2002 Ford Taurus?

On a 2002 Ford Taurus : You could have the gear shift lever up by the steering wheel or by the floor console for your automatic transmission And , if you mean the automatic transaxle ( transmission ) fluid level dipstick , it is near the firewall between the engine and the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment

If a 1989 Ford Taurus automatic is not shifting from 1st to 2nd and does not have much power what might be the problem?

It could very well be the catalatic convertor on the engine. Have it checked out.

Will a speed sensor keep an automatic transmission from working?

Depending on the vehicle, a faulty VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) could affect the automatic transmission shift points.

What does ADP mean in a math question?

It could mean Automatic Data Processing, that is, using a computer for working with data.

If the heater quit working about six months ago in a 2000 Taurus but the AC still works great could this be the heater coil?

That or the thermostat.

Why did my transmission just stop working in your 2000 ford escort?

It could be low of ATF automatic transmssion fluid. Check it. The pump could have failed also.

Your transmission is not shifting in your 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problems?

my transmission is not shifting on my 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problem

What is wrong with a 2006 ford Taurus when your automatic stick just goes back and forth and you cannot drive it it wont go in reverse or drive it stays in park-?

There could be several things wrong with the 2006 Taurus. The car may need transmission fluid or even a new transmission.

Why does the gear shift freeze up?

If your gear shift is freezing it could be because your clutch is not longer working. If you have an automatic then your transmission may be slipping.

What is wrong with a 2006 ford Taurus when your automatic stick just goes back and forth and you cannot drive it it wont go in reverse or drive it stays in park?

There could be a number of reasons why the automatic stick will not go into gear on a 2006 Ford Taurus.A few of the things could be a bad shifter, low transmission fluid, or even a bad tranny.

Could it be a fuse on 2005 Ford Taurus the reason panel light not on and cruise not working?

It is a good possibility, refer to your owners manual and it will tell you what location the fuse is and what the Amp rating is.

What is wrong with a 95 Ford Taurus automatic transmission that works only in reverse and low forward?

This is a internal problem, I had same thing wrong and I replaced all I could then brought it to shop and he said the bands are slipping

What would cause a 2006 Ford Taurus to overheat?

The Taurus could overheat for several reasons. The coolant could be low, the fan might not be operating properly, or the engine could have a stuck thermostat.

My 1997 Ford Taurus is leaking what could it be?

leaking what??

Could Leo n Taurus be friends?


Can you add a trunk release to a 1994 Ford Taurus GL that doesn't have one?

You could probably get parts and wiring from the salvage yard and finagle you one together.

Is a 2001 mustang automatic or manual?

It could have either the automatic or manual transmissions

Which dodge challenger is an automatic?

The automatic could be had on all Dodge Challenger models.

How many gallons could a Ford 2000 Taurus hold?

( 18.0 gallons ) according to the 2000 Ford Taurus owner Guide

What could cause a 2007 Ford Taurus not to start?

the engine

Is the 1969 dodge charger automatic or manual?

you could get it with an automatic or a 4 speed manual.

Could the radiator cap to your 1998 Ford Taurus SE be the problem if your air isn't working?

No - air conditioning is a different system and they don't cross paths until the air is in the ductwork inside the cabin.

What could be the reason my 1986 Toyota Camry with automatic transmission with overdrive will not shift into overdrive?

I was told that it is the temp sensor. The car needs to be at 150 degrees. I am working on the same problem.