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WEll it could be different reasons...it could be the starter...or the spark plugs not making contact or the wires to the park plugs...or it can even be the battery not having enough juice to turn the car over.....a car is a hard thing to figure out....there are alot of parts that can do the same thing.....and cause the same problem What does it do when it doesn't start? Nothing happens (no sound) when you try to start the car? Does it sound like the engine wants to start but doesn't? We found the answer out to this question...It was a relay switch deep in the dash area of the car. We experienced the similar problem with an '88 Acura Legend...immediately had the relay switch replaced....no more problems!

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What could cause the speedometer to stop working on a 1992 acura legend?

You have a bad Vss Sensor.............. The vehicle speed sensor.

What could cause brake lights to stay on 94 acura legend?

check the brake light switch behind the brake pedal under the dash.

What might cause a 1991 Acura Legend Stall?

It could be several things, start with the fuel filter, it can cause issues such as this, another thing could be the fuel pump losing pressure. If it is the factory pump, it may need replacement. Hope this helps.

What could cause the camshaft position sensor to completely melt in a 95 Acura Legend?

If you have had an extreme overheat in the past. This would most likely cause the censor to melt. Overheat to the point of the steering wheel locking up and the light coming on.

92 acura legend wont start when hot what could be wrong?

Check your starter it may be grounded when hot.

Acura Legend 1993 it jerks and shakes real hard when you stop what is it?

It could be the rotors are getting bad, and it also could be the car's wheel alignment.

What is the towing capacity of a 2001 Acura MDX and could this cause the transmission to go bad?

According to Acura, 4500 for boats and 3500 for anything when using the Acura tow kit.

Where can one purchase an Acura CA?

There are many places an Acura CA could be purchased. An Acura CA could easily be purchased at an Acura dealership, or it can be purchased from online directory sites.

My 1991 acura integra's engine shuts off while driving what could the cause of this?

it could be the main assembly relay under the drivers kickpanel

Why won't my 87 acura tachometer work and could it be affected by a bad ignition coil?

A bad ignition coil can cause your 1987 Acura tachometer to quit working. A bad tachometer cable or ground wire can also cause it to quit working.

What would cause a 1991 Acura Legend to start but will not remain on?

The problem could be a problem of lack of fuel and spark. May be your battery is low to start the car. It can also be because of a blown fuse or a bad fuel pump. Check the car well to identify the specific problem.

Why hesitate shifts 1989 Acura Legend?

It could be a number of things going wrong. Try dropping the transmission pan and changing the transmission oil filter and transmission fluid.

What could cause the engine light to stay on in a 1991 Acura Legend?

Check your gas cap. My light would come on whenever the cap wasn't tightly on. Turn it until it clicks three times. You may also need a new cap if the seal around the cap is bad.

Where is the fuse panel on a Acura legend?

Depending on what year, it could be under the dash on driver's side by your left knee when sitting behind the wheel, OR, under the hood on driver's side behind the battery.

What is the cause of a jerking transmission when it is cold on a 1997 Acura 3.0 CL?

Could be low on fluid Have fluid and filter changed - may be an inexpensive fix

Do you have to be dead to be a legend?

sometimes you can be dead if you where a legend, but if you do something cool and you are still alive you could be a legend

What could cause oil to leak on top of the engine in a 2009 Acura TL?

most likely going to be a bad valve cover gasket although it could be a bad seal on the oil cap

Where can one see an Acura RL in person?

"One could find and see an Acura RL in person by visiting Acura dealerships, and used car lots to view a 2011 Acura RL, but the 2012 Acura RL has yet to be released."

What is the legend of Laoag City?

I could find no legend related to this city.

Why does your alternator get so hot on your 1990 acura legend i recently replaced it because the last one burned up?

Check all electrical connections battery cables etc. for looseness and corrosion Bad connection could cause spike and excessive heat Check voltage input and output of alternator' Check for a reverse polarity

How bad is it to fix a head gasket on a 89 Acura Legend?

Fixing a head gasket could be very costly. If you do it yourself it is very labor intensive but you might be able to do it for $300 or so. To have it done could cost around $1000 or more due to the labor involved.

Why does an Acura make a high pitch whinning noise?

There could be many reasons why the Acura makes a high pitch whining noise. It could be that the brakes or the rotors are going out.

Why is your 1991 acura legend shaking when you go 60 mile per hour or more?

Sounds like your wheels need balancing, could also be en-even wear on your tyres, but check the wheel balancing first.

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