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WEll it could be different could be the starter...or the spark plugs not making contact or the wires to the park plugs...or it can even be the battery not having enough juice to turn the car over.....a car is a hard thing to figure out....there are alot of parts that can do the same thing.....and cause the same problem What does it do when it doesn't start? Nothing happens (no sound) when you try to start the car? Does it sound like the engine wants to start but doesn't? We found the answer out to this question...It was a relay switch deep in the dash area of the car. We experienced the similar problem with an '88 Acura Legend...immediately had the relay switch more problems!

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โˆ™ 2004-09-19 12:35:25
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Q: What could cause a '90 Acura Legend to start 90 percent of the time and not start 10 percent of the time?
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What could cause speedometer malfunction periodically in a 94 Acura Legend?

it is a defective speed sensor.

What could cause the speedometer to stop working on a 1992 acura legend?

You have a bad Vss Sensor.............. The vehicle speed sensor.

What could cause brake lights to stay on 94 acura legend?

check the brake light switch behind the brake pedal under the dash.

What might cause a 1991 Acura Legend Stall?

It could be several things, start with the fuel filter, it can cause issues such as this, another thing could be the fuel pump losing pressure. If it is the factory pump, it may need replacement. Hope this helps.

92 acura legend wont start when hot what could be wrong?

Check your starter it may be grounded when hot.

What could cause the camshaft position sensor to completely melt in a 95 Acura Legend?

If you have had an extreme overheat in the past. This would most likely cause the censor to melt. Overheat to the point of the steering wheel locking up and the light coming on.

Acura Legend 1993 it jerks and shakes real hard when you stop what is it?

It could be the rotors are getting bad, and it also could be the car's wheel alignment.

What is the towing capacity of a 2001 Acura MDX and could this cause the transmission to go bad?

According to Acura, 4500 for boats and 3500 for anything when using the Acura tow kit.

What could cause a problem starting your 93 Acura Legend?

fuel pump, fuel pump relay

My 1991 acura integra's engine shuts off while driving what could the cause of this?

it could be the main assembly relay under the drivers kickpanel

Where can one purchase an Acura CA?

There are many places an Acura CA could be purchased. An Acura CA could easily be purchased at an Acura dealership, or it can be purchased from online directory sites.

Why won't my 87 acura tachometer work and could it be affected by a bad ignition coil?

A bad ignition coil can cause your 1987 Acura tachometer to quit working. A bad tachometer cable or ground wire can also cause it to quit working.

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