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sluggish IAC motor. (IDLE AIR CONTROL) Controls idle Also many (maybe most) stalling problems are caused by vacuum leaks.

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Q: What could cause a TBI engine to stall when idling after timing and fuel systems checked with new plugs?
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Will a Chevy 350 idling bend valves when timing jumps?

NO not that engine.

Timing specs for a Toyota 2f engine?

7 degrees idling @ 500rpm (650 for USA)

What is the timing on a 1988 gmc s-15?

With the tan/black timing wire disconnected, with engine idling and warm, ignition timing should be set to 0 degrees.

What would cause the 92 Ford Aerostar to stall while idling?

The most likely cause of a 1992 Ford Aerostar stalling while idling is bad spark plugs. The plugs should be changed and the timing checked to resolve the problem.

Can a incorrect engine timing cause a engine to rev up to 5000RPM?

Incorrect timing can cause several problems. One of which is high idling. 5000 rpm sounds high though, there may be other problems as well.

Does a 2004 tacoma 3.4L V6 have a timing Chain or timing belt?

I checked the Gates website ( they make timing belts etc. ) and they list a TIMING BELT for the 3.4 liter - V6 engine in a 2004 Toyota Tacoma ( also , it IS NOT an interference engine )

When to change timing belt on 2001 buick lesabre?

your engine has a timing chain,no rubber belt but after 250k plus the chain wears and should be checked

What makes your 84 camaro v6 with a 28 motor backfire?

You may want to have the engine timing checked?

Having Problems with 97 Chevy Blazer think it has jumped timing?

I the Blazer will run then the timing can be checked with a timing light. If not, the there are timing marks on the timing gears that will have to be checked to see if the timing jumped.

When you start car and give it gas it backfires through air cleaner.?

The engine is out of time. Have the engine timing checked. It can also be the plug wires are connected incorrectly.

What degree of Timing for 1985 Chevy 454?

The typical timing for a 1985 Chevy 454 is 8 degrees before top dead center. The vacuum line removed from the distributor and plugged. The engine warm and idling at 700 rpm.

What is the correct ignition timing on a 1996 metro with a 1.3 liter engine?

My 1996 1.3L underhood sticker says 5 degrees BTDC idling at 850rpm and connector at left shock tower jumpered to short cicuit to adjust timing. My 1996 1.3L underhood sticker says 5 degrees BTDC idling at 850rpm and connector at left shock tower jumpered to short cicuit to adjust timing.

What is wrong with 1996 Corvette that runs rich and misses when idling but O2 sensors have been replaced and check engine light is off and there are no more codes to check?


How much horse power does a 1984 350 Chevy v8 engine block cast number 14010209 have?

Timing to high / advanced to far. Idling to fast. This can cause that problem.

Does the 2006 Chrysler van with a 3.8 L engine have a timing belt or a timing chain?

It must be a timing CHAIN . I checked the Gates website and both the 2006 Chrysler Town and Country and the Pacifica models with the 3.8 liter V6 do not list a timing belt

Nissan 240sx idling low while stopped?

it could be your timing is off

How do you adjust and set the timing on a full size Blazer 4 bbl?

Put your timing light on the number one spark plug wire and then remove the vacuum advance hose, loosen the distributor bolt and with the engine idling move the dist. unti, you get the timing mark on the crank to come to the correct notch on the timing guage.

Ford Taurus marble sound under load?

A marble sound under load indicates the engine is out of time. Have the ignition timing checked and the timing chain/belt for damage or excessive play.

Would the timing belt make the engine knock with a loud noise?

It is POSSIBLE, but highly unlikely unless you had prior problems with the timing. I would have it checked out by a mechanic as it could be any number of things.

Does the fuel pump cause a miss on acceleration?

It can if it isn't delivering enough fuel to the engine. More than likely you need to have your timing checked.

Why would 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2l run rough when idling?

timing off

How did they get the power in the 2009 5.7 hemi versus the 2004 5.7 hemi?

The newer hemi, is more powerful because it has variable valve timing. Different engine managment systems, fuel system, and camshaft design. The engine can advance the timing and retard the timing based on the demand of the driver.

Where do you set the timing marks for 3kr1 Isuzu engine?

Engine timing

What causes my jeep to stall while idling?

There are several things that can cause your Jeep to stall while idling. The timing may be off or your fuel filter may be clogged.

What is the timing specification for Mitsubishi 4M51 engine?

what is the cam timing specification for mitsubishi 4M51 engine?