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You have a wire break in the line somewhere ... where the ignition main wire crosses the area where the headlight main wires are. Chaffing has caused a fusion there. A friend of mine had a Tempo that would start up if you blew the horn. No key necessary.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-15 06:38:03
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Q: What could cause a car to keep running if the headlights are left on but the ignition is shut off and the key is removed?
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What would cause the car to keep running once ignition turned off if headlights were still on?

Headlights run off the battery not the ignition...

What will cause your running lights on a 98 gmc sierra to work but your dim headlights not work?

If by "dim headlights" you mean low-beams... the bulbs are bad and must be replaced.

Can you cut your catalytic converter off your dodge Dakota 1998?

It would not be a good idea. First it is illegal, second it can actually cause the computer to over adjust fuel and ignition timing and cause running issues.It would not be a good idea. First it is illegal, second it can actually cause the computer to over adjust fuel and ignition timing and cause running issues.

What could cause a Chevrolet Cavalier to stop running suddenly?

sounds like the ignition control module

My 02 subaru registers a misfire on 1 and 3 cylinders but is running ok what can cause this?

ignition coil

What if the ignition switch starts the starter and the engine run but unfortunately starter continues running what is the cause of this?

Probably a stuck solenoid.

What would cause both the daytime running lights and headlights not to work in Suzuki Forenza?

i think, depending on the year, that problem is caused by a factory defect.

What would cause the chime to stay on when the headlights are on on a 1993 Thunderbird LX?

the chime would stay on if the keys are in the ignition (but the car turned off) and if the door is ajar to warn that the lights are still on

What is the cause of headlights that don't turn off on 1998 Windstar?

I had water leaking at the base of the windshield on a Ford F-250. It would run down the inner firewall onto a control module causing lights, blower fans and all sorts of wierd things to turn on with no key in the ignition and the vehicle not running.

Would a faulty dimmer combo switch cause the headlights to stay on without the vehicle running and the switch turned in the off position on a 1998 Olds Intrigue?

yes it will also cause them to blink off & on and

What would cause a 1998 Honda Passport not to stay running?

If it starts but doesn't stay running after you release the key from the start position, it means your ignition switch is bad. Not a huge expense.

Sometimes you turn the ignition on the dash lights up then goes off no start If you open the door and slam it all is fine what could be the cause of this?

this could be due to a bad ground Wire running in the ignition

What would cause the fuel pump on a 1994 Chevy 1500 pickup to continue running after the ignition switch is turned off?

failed relay

What could cause a 1994 Chevy beretta not to start?

bad fuel pump, bad ignition, ecm wires removed, clutch safety switch, about a million things -berettaspeed15 bad fuel pump, bad ignition, ecm wires removed, clutch safety switch, about a million things -berettaspeed15

What would cause the headlights and interior lights to fade on your Chevy Venture?

If the engine isn't running, the battery is low. If the engine is running, the alternator probably has a problem. If you are wearing dark sunglasses, remove them and the lights will get brighter. good luck!

What is the cause of non'working headlights?

burned out light bulb

When the headlights are on there are no brakelights when headlights are off brakelights work what would cause this?

Bad ground on the brake lite circuit.

Can a Chevy truck with a 5.7 engine with a tbi cause detonation and pre-ignition?

can a chevy truck with a 350 engine with a tbi cause detonation and pre- ignition?

What would cause the engine to shut off?

An internal combustion engine needs fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source. If any are missing, it would stop running.

Why is it dangerous to drive with headlights that are not properly adjusted?

Low-beam headlights that are not property adjusted can make them as bright as high-bead headlights. They also can cause you to not see the full road ahead.

What cause it to start?

The ignition key.

What would cause your brake lights to not come on with the headlights on If the headlights are off the brake lights are fine?

Possible ground issue at the taillights.

I can not find the fuse that control my headlights?

where is fuse for 97 Mazda protege ? and other fuses for headlights cause they don't come on help ?

Why would one not be able to turn on the headlights of a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue manually Automatic only A few posts say replacing the ignition switch fixes a lot of issues Would this work?

I didn't want to wait, so I bought an ignition switch ($99 for a Duralast switch at Autozone) and installed it. It fixed my headlight problem. The directions to replace the ignition switch are attached. I have read that the ignition switch is the root cause of many electrical issues with Intrigues. My problem was I couldn't turn on the headlights manually, and I had to depend on the automatic headlight feature to turn the lights on at night, which stinks when I wanted headlights at dusk or in light rain (although I could run with fog lights, but darn it, I want my headlights to work!). I have read that others have only been able to turn their lights on manually without the automatic headlight feature working. Both issues appear to be fixed by either replacing the ignition switch or cleaning the terminals on the ignition switch. The theory is that most of the power system flows through that device and affects everything. I have heard about various heating and cooling system issues related to the ignition switch as well.

Low beam headlights won't work on 2003 kia Rio?

There are several things that can cause your 2003 Kia headlights not to work. The most common cause is a loose or corroded ground wire.