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I had a 17" CRT that died in front of me one day - and it taught me an important lesson. I was working at my home PC when I heard a faint pop sound, and the screen went dark. Living by the philosophy of looking for the most likely causes first, I checked the power cable (fine), the power strip (also fine), then completely disconnected the monitor from the PC and power, got out the screwdrivers and openedup the casing. I pulled out a fuse and used a tester on it; sure enough it was blown, and I could fix it for about $3.99 and a 2-minute visit to the hardware store across the street. If I had taken it into a repair shop, it would have cost me $50 just for them to open up the case and replace it themselves.

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Q: What could cause a computer monitor to burn out or die?
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