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Wheel joint, u-joints, Center support bearing.

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Q: What could cause loud thumping noises from underneath a 96 Explorer between 0 and 30 MPH when the transmission is shifting fine?
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Brake pedal thumping on a 1998 explorer?

try spitting on the front rotors. This helped and my brakes are like new

What causes thumping noise in front end of 96 ford explorer awd?

the noise coming from this truck is the uv goints

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2001 ford mustang v6 when car drives you hear a thumping sound when the car is park the thumping sound goes away only happens while driving cant be the transmission cause you hear no grind?

Check the universal joints in the driveshaft.

Why is temperature control module in your 2004 ford explorer 6 cylinder when switch over hot air does not work and thumping noise is heard?

It over heats

What does the thumping sound coming from underneath a van and vibration mean under the driver side?

check for a bad shock absorber or even a bad u-joint in drive shaft

What would cause a jerking loud thumping sound on takeoff in a 1992 camaro rs 5l v8?

Maybe broken motor or transmission mount

What could be causing the thumping noise in your 2003 dodge caravan?

Bad tire? Rotate and see if thumping changes

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2003 Grand Caravan - occasionally hearing a loud thumping sound from underneath the front passenger area - they told me it was the belts and replaced - Now I'm hearing it again - Any ideas?

Do you hear the thumping a certain amount of time after filling the fuel tank? I have noticed that some time after filling up i also hear a thumping sound, it could just be fuel sloshing around in the tank. Have you had the struts replaced this is 03 everyone seems to forget these things need to be replaced too.

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What can cause thumping sound when accelerating over 60 mph in a 78 Pontiac?

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What causes the thumping noise and cold air blowing out of the heater in a 2005 Ford Explorer?

Too involved for this little box. Check the tech section on for a full analysis of the Ford system and suggested fixes.

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