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What could cause the AC belt to break repeatedly after having the belt tensioner replaced?


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The compressor or it's pulley may be locked up or there may be something not aligned properly.


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Replace your a/c evaporator filter under dash. Liquid refrigerant is getting back to compressor causing belt to break.

The Pontiac Grand Prix has a Timing Chain with a spring loaded tensioner. The tensioner is know to wear, crack and then break. The timing chain and tensioner should be replaced at 100,000 miles. This is a pretty big job that can be done with the motor in the car. $$$ Ray

The GM 2.2L (not ECOTEC) engine for that model year used a timing chain with a teflon tensioner. As far as I know, it had no belt. However, the tensioners are notorious for failure...they break off and get between the chain and the sprocket, which snaps the chain. When this happens, the valves contact the pistons, bending them. If the engine is starting to sound like a diesel, you should consider having the chain and tensioner replaced.

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Usually belts shred due to 1) bad or seized power steering pump or belt tensioner 2) Mis-Aligned pulleys or belt tensioner. 3) gremlins (or maybe nicked the belt during other repairs and it wore badly) just happened to me and I replaced tensioner as mine had seized. it started making horrible squealing sounds after the repair. I replaced the pump and all was well after that.

The belt is adjusted by the tensioner, which generally isn't adjustable unless the spring has started to fail or break. If the belt is slipping or making noise check it for cracks on the ribbed side. If you see any cracks, replace the belt. If the tensioner seems soft, it too can be replaced.

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I am having the same problem with a 99 Protege. I have changed the alternator and aligned/cleaned the pulleys and the problem persists.I replaced the alternator, on my 1997 Mazda Protege, seven times before someone figured out why the serpentine belt kept breaking. It was the belt tensioner! It had to be removed and rebuilt. Now it is working like a charm!! And I havn't had to replace the alternator in over 3 months!!!!

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