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You could be pregnant, in my first pregnancy I didn't know, and I was having severe cramping so I went to the emergency room and found out I was pregnant, and the cramping was caused from my uterus growing, you should go to the emergency room anyway because even though my baby was fine there are different symptoms for different pregnancies.

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Q: What could cause you to have cramping for the last 2 weeks and your period is not due for another 10 or 12 days and you're having protected sex?
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Does having protected sex stop you from having your period?

No it does not.

Will you have a heavier period and more cramping if you had a recent miscarriage?

It does vary, after my miscarriage my next period was very heavy & painful, almost like having another miscarriage. It does get better with time. best wishes

What are the signs of your period starting?

When you start having headaches and you start cramping thats when you know.

What would cause a woman to have cramping fatigue bloating loss of appetite and mild nausea 20 days before her next period is due if she is having protected sex?

Pregnancy, or an STD. Most likely Pregnancy.

If you have unprotected sex on your period?

it is not right to have sex when you r having your period. protected or not it is dirty.

What does it mean if a girl's stomach is cramping?

it means either she's having her period or she has a stomach ace.

Can mastitis cause period cramping but make you not have any period.?

This will not cause period cramping or make you not have a period. This is a consequence of a fungal infection.

What is the difference between cramping and period pain?

period pain is more lower than cramping and cramping is more pain when you are moving(motion)

What would cause a woman who has been on depo for 4 years to start having severe cramping?

have you had your period?if not you could be having one.just cause you are on depo doenst mean you wont have a period.

What does it mean if you have cramping after your period?

Totally normal to have cramping before and after

I have not had my period yet and I am not pregnant but I am cramping Is it normal?

yes it is normal, cramping is one of the signs that you will get your period soon

Im having slight period pains can you still be pregnant?

Yes you can be pregnant, i had mild period like cramping when i fell pregnant with my 3 kids.

Why are you having nausea and cramping one week before period?

PMS- your muscles are workin down there and that gives you cramps

Could having cramping for three days period is due but no bleeding yet?

yes maybe ur pregnant

Does it mean you are pregnant if you are having stomach cramps?

It can be or you are ovulating or getting your period. Just cramping is not enough to determine if you are pregnant or not.

Can you get a fever with your period?

yes,if you are just starting for the first time,having a fever is a symptom,or if you are cramping you can get a fever from the pain.

What does it mean when you are 7 days late on your period and then you start having lite spotting and a little cramping?

Means your prego!!

What cause late period of girl after having protected sex?

the condom broke

Cramping a week before period?

Some women do experience abdominal cramping a week before their period is due.

Can a girl be pregnant if she starts her period a couple of days after having protected sex?

No 999/1000 have period not pregnant.

If you are just cramping can that be your period?

yes it can b your period. it can also sometimes be gas. Another thing is it can be that your pregnant. so it could b either or

4days late for period cramping but no period negative test has anyone else had this?

Hi As you are cramping this most likely means your period is on its way. Sometimes your period can go a bit crazy and arrive later than normal for you. However, if your period doesn't arrive in 7 days, perform another pregnancy test.

What could it mean cramping and brown discharge after period?

cramps after a period are a regular thing. But having brown discharge?? You should probaly go see a doctor about it.

Is having period longer than five days normal?

A period can have light to very heavy flow from minor to severe cramping from 3-8 days

Your period is due in 7days and you have been having cramping pains is this a sign of pregnancy?

No, it's a sign that your period is going to arrive soon. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test