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What could cause your ac belt to make noise on a 1994 Plymouth voyager?

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Loose, or worn out.

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Plymouth Voyager van making rattling noise from engine on passengers side what could it be?

Perhaps heat shield on catalytic converter?

What would cause a horrendous noise similar to a lawn mower with the check engine light on in a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

Broken or rusted out exhaust system.

97 Plymouth voyager Tapping noise passenger side engine compartment?

On our California model it is a smog device...

Your 1997 Plymouth Voyager has a clicking noise in fuse box?

The fuse box has relays mounted in it. The clicking noise is most likely a relay that has gotten loud.

1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for no reason makes popping noise and stalls on highway and on street?

IT sounds like the Voyager could be losing power to the ignition circuits. Check the crank position sensor first. Make sure that the wiring connections are not loose or corroded.

What are possible reasons for screeching noise in 1997 Plymouth voyager sport rally minivan?

Assuming it is screeching in the area of the belt and pulleys, my problem was that the belt tensioner had seized and needed to be replaced. Noise problem was solved.

What would cause a grinding noise while accelerating and turning hard in a 1998 Plymouth Voyager with the 3.0L engine?

It sounds like you have a bad CV joint. Often times the rubber boot covering the joint will go bad after a while and allow dirt and moisture in the joint, causing noise, most noticeable on turning.

1994 Plymouth voyager makes a ticking noise from the time it starts until you turn it off What is the problem and how can you fix it?

The ticking noise could be worn out rocker arms under valve covers. Switch to heavier weight oil if ticking noise subsides that could be your problem. This is usually a sign of a high mileage engine. Worst case scenario would be weak oil pump not getting oil to top of heads.

If your 1992 Plymouth Voyager automatic makes a noise like the whole bottom is dragging but it stops when you speed up what is wrong?

Noises are hard to diagnoise unless heard. Take it to a machanic.

What could cause a whistling noise while running air conditioning?

A bad compressor belt can cause a whistling noise while running the air conditioner. A bad engine can also cause this noise.

Will a bad starter cause a grinding noise before going out?

A bad starter might make a noise. The starter could also go bad with no noise or warning. However if the starter is making noise then there is a problem that could cause failure at any time

Plymouth Voyager alternator going bad How do you tell?

There are generally two signs that the alternator is going bad. First is the noise. A new noise will begin to be heard. Something like a whining when the car is accelerating. Second is the smell. You may smell burning from the engine department.

What could cause a noise from tires while driving?

You could have blown your tire or it could have gone flat.

Where is the knock sensor located on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

It is located on the engine block. A knock sensor will very seldom give a problem. It detects engine noises and retards to timing. If you have a code then you need to find the noise and repair it.

What would cause a Knocking noise 4.3 ltr?

The thing that could cause a knocking noise in your car is the same thing that could cause it in all cars A rod that or a flat lifter. it all really depends on where the knock is if its higher and to the back of the motor, it could be a motor mount

I have a 1997 plymouth breeze that has a crunching noise when turning sharplyits caused un-even wear on tires and I changed out the cv joint What could be the problem?

You b=need to take your 1997 Plymouth breeze to the manufactures so that they can identify what is causing it to produce a crunching noise.

What could cause a high pitch noise in your back tire?

An air leak.

What could cause engine noise in the radio on a 1993 Dodge Spirit?

A bad noise suppression condenser. Usually attached to the alternator.

What could be the cause of a ticking sound at startup on a 97 Plymouth Grand Voyager if the sound goes away after the engine warms up?

If the noise on occurs after the vehicle has sat for a while, it could be a hydralic valve lifter bleeding off. They tend to click for a while until the oil pushes all of tha air out. Maybe go to a lighter weight of oil. BG makes a product called MOA that has helped ease the clicking noise in vehicles I have worked on in the past. Take it easy until it warms up and even clicking it should last for a whole lot more miles!

What could cause a noise in front end when wheel is turned all the way?

Could be bad ball joints.

What could cause a loud tapping noise in a escort engine?

Stuck hydraulic lifter.

What could cause a banging noise during deceleration in a Dodge Caravan?

Transmission mount

How much damage did Krakatoa cause?

The noise could be heard for over 3,000 miles

Can bad tie rods cause noise?

They could squeak, rattle, bang , clunk.....

What could cause a noise when your car bounces?

Possibly loose objects or parts in the car