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Here is what is most likely happening: After a tooth is removed, sometimes small fragments or slivers of bone will break off from the remaining socket. These bone fragments, called sequestra, will work their way to the surface of the gums, much like a splinter would do in your finger. This process can sometimes be painful, and the fragment may get infected. Your dentist can usually remove the fragment easily. This is a common problem following tooth extractions.

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I have four wisdom teeth removed at once four weeks ago and a week later noticed these sharp fragments sticking out of my gums. Two of the fragments evetually worked themselves out and I was able to force one out with my tongue and fingers. well as soon as i removed them, the swelling in the gums went down and was painfree a couple of weeks later. I suggest you go back to the dentist to see if he can remove them. I did have one that was badly infected and this caused my gums much pain. Eventually it came off while I was enjoying my first bbq of all things. Just keep your mouth rinsed up and clean all the time.

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Q: What could explain a small sharp bone or tooth piercing out of one side of your gums after wisdom teeth removal and what should be done?
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After wisdom teeth removal when is it safe to play football?

You should wait 2 weeks after getting your wisdom teeth taken out to safely play football. You should wait longer if this procedure had complications.

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When should your stitches come out after wisdom teeth removal?

about two weeks, they will come out on their own when it happens. don't stress about it

Should you have really bad breath after wisdom teeth removal?

Quite possibly, due to the drying blood in the socket.

When can you chew tobacco after wisdom tooth removal?

You should wait at least a week or longer to give your gums time to heal.

How soon should you use the prescription mouthwash after wisdom teeth removal?

I would use a plastic syringe.(monoject syringe)

Should i have Sore red cheeks after wisdom teeth removal?

It is normal to have some swelling and redness on your cheeks after having your wisdom teeth removed. If this swelling and redness lasts for more than 2 days you should contact your dentist.

What would cause a lump in the gum after wisdom teeth removal?

If you have a lump in your gum after you have had your wisdom teeth removed, it could just be swelling. If the lump does not go away, you should seek advice of your dentist.

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You should not smoke weed or cigarettes after having your wisdom teeth removed. In addition, you shouldn't drink with a straw because the sucking in is not good for you after dental work.

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Wisdom teeth really should be pulled as soon as they come in.The human mouth does not have the capacity [room] for them.Usually your dentist will explain this to you when you visit.

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Removal time for wisdom teeth?

Ages 17 - 25

How do ear piercings affect the removal of wisdom teeth?

there is no effect

Can you drink wine after wisdom tooth removal?

no i dont think you can

Does body jewelry have to be taken out for wisdom teeth extractions?

No. Unless you have a tongue piercing.

What should you not eat after wisdom teeth removal?

Because your mouth needs to heal. And if you're all numb over there, you don't want to choke.

What is a symptom of infection after wisdom teeth removal?

Some symptoms of infection after wisdom tooth removal can be severe pain ue to dry socket or puss draining out of whole.Im not a dr. but just from exsperiance.

How long should you wait to chew after wisdom teeth removal?

Since you would have had a local anesthetic for the removal (most probably) you should wait until the numbness is gone, otherwise you might accidentally bite your cheek and not feel it. Otherwise, you are free to chew.

Drinking carbonated drinks after wisdom teeth removal?

YES yes

If you have right side pain after wisdom teeth removal?

yes. it burns

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As long as you want to.

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Does ODSP Cover the removal of wisdom teeth?

yes they do Ontario disability support plan does cover wisdom teeth removal i just got mine removed yesterday i got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed and i tell you it hurts so bad

How long should you be out of school after wisdom teeth removal?

Well I'm getting 6 removed and they say I should miss 3 or 4 days of school depending on how recovery is going.