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Q: What could happen if the rubber coating on a power cable is damaged?
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What was the relationship between gutta percha and the first transatlantic telegraph cable?

Gutta Percha is a flexible rubber-like material. It was used as an outside coating for the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

What is steel tape armored cable?

Armored cable that has a inbedded tape that is used for grounding purposes. The steel tape is wrapped around the inner conductors which carry the load current. A heavy rubber coating is applied over the steel tape layer. The steel and heavy rubber helps protect the cable from physical damage, e.g. by someone digging in the ground where the cable is buried.

What type of cable gives off little or no toxic fumes when burned?

The cable is not the problem the protective coating on the cable is. MilSpec cable is very hard to burn the cable, normal cable coatings when burned give off toxic gases depending on what the coating is made of.

On a 1990 Toyota truck speedometer cable is it possible to change only the inner cable?


What is a bare cable?

Bare cable is simply a conductor without a coating, sheating, or covering. It is just bare wire.

Why does Throttle stick on 1997 Honda Passport?

I had a stuck throttle on my 1996 Passport. The throttle cable had a piece of protective black rubber around the throttle cable between the outer cable covering and where the cable connects to the throttle body. The rubber had began to come apart and some of it was getting inside the throttle cable covering, causing the throttle cable to bind. I removed the rubber piece and cleaned out the cable by covering it with GOOF-OFF and then sliding the cable in and out until my cleaning rag was clean when I wiped off the cable. I did not replace the rubber piece and have had no problems since.

What is the meaning of EPR cable?

ethylene propylene rubber (EPR)

Can you fix a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee throttle cable?

The cable must be replaced if damaged.

How many amps taken 1 sq-mm copper cable?

That depends on what temperature-rise you'll accept, and on what type of coating or jacketing surrounds the cable, and on the airflow around the cable.

What are the possible causes if the printer is not responding?

no power . cable damaged or unplugged

How did the first cable streetcar work?

it worked by using rubber bands and light bulbs, mostly rubber bands, that's why

Can you use Duct Tape for Ethernet Cat6 Cable?

Duct tape is nonconductive, and is not CAT6. If you have a damaged CAT6 cable, you could put duct tape over the damaged area, but there is no guaruntee the damage won't cause the cable to underperform (your network may not work at 1Ghz).