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Why did so many people migrate during the ice age?

The ice age caused the area between Russia and Alaska to freeze into ice that people could walk on but the Asian hunters also followed the bison to the Americas for food

How did an ice age make it possible for Asian hunters to migrate to the Americans?

The ice age caused the area between Russia and Alaska to freeze into ice that people could walk on but the Asian hunters also followed the bison to the Americas for food

How did the people migrate to the Americas?

The only way they COULD migrate, was by boat ( in later years) and in the beginning ( sround 10,000 B.C) they crossed the Bering Strait, from Siberia and continued south to South America.

Is 'peoples' a word?

. Here's an example of its use: "The peoples of the west found a land bridge and crossed to the east to settle the Americas." In this case, a "tribe" could be called a "people" and several tribes could be called "peoples" to refer to more than one group, or, in other words, a group composed of several sub-groups. no it isn't

What does effect mercantilism could have had on Europe and the American colonies?

It caused inflation as well as people in the Americas making their own money, not the government's.

Do bull sharks migrate?

It depends they could either stay were they are or they could migrate up stream

Does bigfoot migrate?

big foot is not real so how could he migrate?

How do birds know where to migrate from?

They know where to migrate according to the weather. They also migrate to where they could find plenty of food and water.

Could you migrate a mew from ruby to diamond?

yes you can migrate a mew from ruby to diamond

What caused humans to continue to migrate south once they arrived on the American continent?

The reason was the weather, mainly, and the types of crops that could be grown to make money. Cotton was one.

What was the main goal of European explorers?

European explorers main goal was to find a quick trade route to Asia so that they did not have to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. Instead the landed upon the Americas and their native peoples. The Europeans quickly found out that they could take over these native peoples and eventually enslaved them and used the Americas and their warm climates to grow cash crops and export them for lots of money.

What did Hernan Cortes think of Dona Marina?

Cortes thought that Dona Marina could him deal with the native peoples of the Americas as she spoke two native languages. We do not know what he thought of her personally, but she was the mother of his son.

Why do you think early people continued to migrate south throughout the Americas instead of settling in what is now Alaska?

No one actually knows for sure how or why the first people migrated. They could have just followed the mammoths. :) I got this answer from school :)

Do armadillos migrate?

No, they do not migrate. However, they are rapidly expanding their range and I suppose that could be considered a form of migration.

Habbo game how to migrate?

Well, you could start by pressing the big "MIGRATE" button in the middle of the screen >:*(

When Europeans colonized the Americas what did they believe that they had a right to?

They believed that they had a right to pretty much anything that they could get their hands on. In their view, God had gifted to them the land and peoples of the Americas. As a result, the mineral and metal wealth of Andean mountain mines, the fertile grounds and crops of the Caribbean, the vast populations of Mexico, and the incredible fisheries around New England were all things that the Europeans had a right to exploit and benefit from, regardless of the cost to the indigenous peoples.

Why do birds migrate and what would happen if they didn't?

Most birds migrate in the winter or fall because it is too cold for them. If they did not migrate, they could freeze! When birds migrate they fly and fly until they reach a place that is not so cold.

How did the early peoples migrate from Asia to America?

They migrated by boat and crossed the land bridge that formed across the Bering straights during the ice age when ocean levels fell.so they could discover a new world and new land

How did Taylor Swift change peoples lives?

she didn't change peoples lives she could threw her songs...

What could Edwrad do as a vampire?

He could read peoples minds except Bellas!

Is there such a word as peoples?

Yes, "peoples" refers to groups associated with specific cultures, geographies, religions, and so on. One could refer to "peoples of many lands", for example.

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