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You have hemorrhoids! Rectal polyps are another possibility though hemorrhoids are the likely culprit. A "sitz" bath (a few inches of warm water often with Epsom salts) is useful with delicate cleaning. And moist wipes for kids or adults (just not the wet naps like you get for cleaning your hands) after (or instead of) gently using toilet paper. The key is Gentle, thorough cleaning, and then dryness/air to the affected area. Also often times the itching is severe, so an ointment/cream or special cleansing pad may be needed to prevent further damage from scratching or wiggling around. It's always a good idea to have a physician check the problem too, especially if it has been going on for more than a few days and/or is worsening or is accompanied with other symptoms such as fever, chills, rash, loss of appetite, or radical changes in "BM {bowel movement}" patterns or blood in stool. Hemorrhoids (piles) are the most likely cause. If they don't go fairly quickly get checked out because continuous bleeding can make you anemic. You may need a fairly simple operation to control them.

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Q: What could it mean if some skin from your anus hangs out and sometimes bleeds?
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What could it be if your anus bleeds when you go to the toilet?

It could be haemarroid piles or an ulcer or cancer of the bowls.

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What if your anus bleeds?

Then you should get a prostate exam, you may have cancer

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What are some reasons for your anus to itch?

Sometimes the hole of your anus itches because you are not wiping enough after you use the bathroom.

Blood from the anus?

Blood from the anus could be hemorrhoids or an ulcer. It needs to be checked out by a doctor.

What is wrong when a dog is bleed from her butt?

When a dog bleeds from the anus, the term is called Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. It is caused by stress and hypertension and is found mostly in small dogs.

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It could be caused by intestinal worms.

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There is a chance if a man ejaculates inside the anus that a small amount of semen could accumulate, but will be excreted shortly there after. There is a chance if a man ejaculates inside the anus that a small amount of semen could accumulate, but will be excreted shortly there after.

What are swollen and twisted veins in the anus called?

These are hemorroids, sometimes called 'piles'.

What are the black dots on a cat's anus?

The black dots on a cat's anus could be scabs from the anus glands secreting pus. You can take the cat to the doctor to have the glands squeezed or you can do it yourself.

Why is it bad to tear your anus?

If you tear the anus, you could have bleeding, itching, and burning pain. You also risk serious infections.

What are some consequences of using buttplugs?

If the buttplug is too big it could cause tearing in the anus. If pushed too far it could also get lodged inside the anus which would not be easy to get it removed.

Can you die from taking a dump?

Yes. Sometimes your liver and pancreas will erupt from your anus and you will die shortly.

Can a child be born from the anus?

No, although sometimes it can seem like a reasonable likelihood.

Why is the skin around your anus turning brown?

If the skin around your anus is turning brown, you should see a doctor. It could because you have an infection that causes an abscess to burst. It could also be a form of bowel cancer.

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YES, you can insert heroin into your anus. The most successful way that will give you the best effect is to have a close one blow it in with a McDonald's straw. VERY IMPORTANT: you need a helper to load the straw before blowing into your sweaty stank shitchute. You'll enjoy the effects almost instantly, and it also helps to numb the anus so your partner can try to bang it out until it bleeds heroin then put that in a spoon and inject it.

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What would cause acid like fluid drainage from the anus along with severe burning and rash around the anus?

IT could be that you are allergic to fish oil or similar

Is it normal to bleed from your anus when not on your period?

You shouldn't bleed from your anus when you are on your period. It's could be hemmoriods. This is most likely. It could also be an STD if you've engaged in unprotected sex or injury if you're engaged in anal sex.

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