Spotting While Pregnant

What could it mean if you are spotting brown blood every day for a month?


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2011-09-13 22:58:22
2011-09-13 22:58:22

It is normally called "pre- menstrual shedding". Getting it for a whole month at a time is not uncommon. It just means you have a build- up. if your period comes and goes with no problems then it is fine. If it doesn't then I would ask a doctor. Good Luck!

AnswerSpotting browm blood is a little unnormal. I've had that same problem and went to the doctor, turned out I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was having an ectopical pregnancy. I had surgery to remove the fetus immediately. See your local doctor soon.

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Spotting is considered to be pink or brown and just a little drips every couple of hours or so

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Possibly, yes. Even when used properly, not every hpt is 100% reliable. The brown spotting could be due to a pregnancy implanting itself in the womb, and the colour of the spotting could mean that the weight of the pregnancy is putting slight pressure on the cervix, dislodging any old blood that is laying around up there. Please visit someone who specialises in this area and get yourself a definitive answer.

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Brownish blood and redish blood is the same. Every one has spotting between periods. It is completely normal. Don't worry about it.

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Some women have spotting during ovulation, if your cycle is very regular the timing would be correct for this to be the cause. See your doctor or midwife if the spotting continues.

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Hi, Yes you can. Implantation cramping is very common and usually feels like period cramping. Implantation bleeding (IB) occurs 8-12 days after unprotected sex and not every woman experiences IB. Signs of IB are: * Light bleeding that lasts a few hours to 2-3 days. * Pinkish/brownish or reddish vaginal discharge. * Spotting of blood. * Spotting of blood that does not require a pad or tampon. * Spotting that is pinkish in colour. * Spotting that is brown in colour. * Light bleeding that is either pink or brown in colour and sometimes red.

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