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What could make a 92 Grand Prix lose power and damage the alternator or the battery repeatedly?


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2008-11-18 23:37:35
2008-11-18 23:37:35

No set thing.. Take it to a garage. The alternator may be faulty: only voltage of 13 or 13.5 (which is listed as acceptable but is not sufficient to start the battery as well as run headlights etc.), rather than 14 or greater (as is needed for this particular make and model). Another thing you should check is grounding. Be sure connections & ground straps are good. Be sure you have good battery cables & connections.


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First start the car then pull off the positive on the battery if the car dies than you need a new alternator if the car keeps running u may need a new battery. A word of caution, testing an alternator that way can cause damage to the alternator. The alternator needs power to make power unlike the old generators from the past.

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yes it will i have a optima battery in my 1995 marquis

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No, the battery for a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee is available from other sources. The price of the battery will vary depending on the quality of battery you purchase and the installation cost.

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