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No set thing.. Take it to a garage. The alternator may be faulty: only voltage of 13 or 13.5 (which is listed as acceptable but is not sufficient to start the battery as well as run headlights etc.), rather than 14 or greater (as is needed for this particular make and model). Another thing you should check is grounding. Be sure connections & ground straps are good. Be sure you have good battery cables & connections.

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Q: What could make a 92 Grand Prix lose power and damage the alternator or the battery repeatedly?
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1999 grand am se Check the altinator to see if it's charging the battery?

First start the car then pull off the positive on the battery if the car dies than you need a new alternator if the car keeps running u may need a new battery. A word of caution, testing an alternator that way can cause damage to the alternator. The alternator needs power to make power unlike the old generators from the past.

Why will the battery not charge in your 1986 grand marquis with a new alternator?

Battery may have a dead cell and need replacing.

Why is your battery light on your 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT stay on?

Alternator is not putting out a charge.

Can a 1994 Grand Marquis Alternator charge a Yellow-top battery?

yes it will i have a optima battery in my 1995 marquis

Is it true that a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee battery is special to Jeep you just paid 195 for the battery and 287.83 for a new alternator?

No, the battery for a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee is available from other sources. The price of the battery will vary depending on the quality of battery you purchase and the installation cost.

96 Jeep grand Cherokee battery drains in about 2 days you have had the battery and alternator checked and they are fine?

Then something is on pulling power from the battery. Check all lights and relays.

What could cause a 1995 Grand Prix not to start if the battery alternator and starter are good?

a timing chain has broken

What would cause the battery light to come on in a 2002 Pontiac grand am?

Typically, a bad or "going bad" alternator.

How do you power up amp in 2002 dodge grand caravan?

If the battery is dead you will need a battery charger. If the battery is good and you have low amperage then you will need another alternator. Most parts stores will check it for you. If you are looking for MORE amperage then you would have to buy a larger amperage alternator.

How do you change the alternator for a 1995 Grand Caravan?

Remove battery connections, then slacken the serpentine belt. Removal of alternator is simple and straightforward, 3 bolts, replace in reverse order.

Why does 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine switch off after being jump started?

This usually means that you have a dead battery. Either from a bad battery, or a bad alternator.

How can you tell if your alternator is bad on dodge grand caravan?

Start engine and measure volts at battery, it should be at least 13

Step by step hookup for 1998 grand am alternator?

how to hookup 1998 grand am alternator

What do you if your 99 Grand Cherokee is draining voltage and the car dies even after replacing and charging the battery?

Have you had the alternator checked? If an alternator is not working it can acually drain your batt. big time fast.

What would make a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee lose power when driven and won't start when it sits there it will start and will run then lose power again?

it could possibly be the battery or the alternator check both. from the way it sounds that the alternator is going out and is making the battery work to hard and causeing it to go bad it could possibly be the battery or the alternator check both. from the way it sounds that the alternator is going out and is making the battery work to hard and causeing it to go bad

You have a 1999 grand marquis the battery icon flashes on periodically the dealer checked the alternator battery they were ok any ideas?

Check the fuel filter if the cars battery and alternator is good it might be the lack of fuel that is bogging the car down. My advice to you would be to check or replace the fuel filter.

Why does the battery in 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis go dead in a few hours after turning off motor and headlights?

Either the battery is very weak or the alternator has bad diodes .

What could cause a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee battery to drain overnight when nothing obvious left on?

bad ignition switch, bad battery, bad alternator/regulator,

Would a bad alternator on a 1999 Grand Cherokee Jeep Limited keep discharging a brand new battery?

=== === Some types of electrical shorts do cause the battery to discharge. But usually a bad alternator just does not charge the battery. Or does not put a large enough charge back into the battery. This causes the battery to discharge when you start and run the motor. The spark plugs and other things need electricity that would usually come from the alternator is now coming from your battery. If your bad alternator is not recharging the new battery, the battery will soon fail to start or run your vehicle. You need to have your alternator tested. It should be putting out at least 12 volts, usually around 13 to 15 volts.

What would cause a 1997 Grand Am GT not to start after replacing the alternator?

is your battery in good condition and fully charged? is your starter good?

What causes your 2000 jeep grand Cherokee to suddenly lose all power when battery is OK?

maybe you need a new alternator

How do I reset the battery light on a 2004 grand am?

Refer to your owners manual. It should have it listed under battery maintanence If light is still on you probably haven't fixed the problem so it might be your alternator or it could be your battery.

1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. The battery light stays on and causes a drain It goes out when the ignition is off Any ideas Difficult to start and stalls. Changed alternator and battery checks ok. Help?

The battery light isn't an indicator that the battery is always bad. What the light should really be is a picture of an alternator, but most people wouldn't recognize that. Have the alternator checked off the vehicle to make sure it is good, then have it checked on the vehicle, (many places like Auto Zone do this for free). If it's not charging on the vehicle, you could have an alternator fuse bad or your car might even have an inline fuse between the alternator and battery. Many Ford products have a large fusible link between the alternator and battery, and if it's bad, there is no power going to the battery from the alternator. Good Luck!!!!

Why would a 1996 mercury marquis not start with a good battery?

Might be you alternator. Happened on my 1997 grand marq a couple of weeks ago

Battery warning light 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix on?

Bad alternator?Check output with a voltmeter - without engine running battery reading (fully charged) should be around 12.8 With engine running reading should be 13.8-14.2 if not probably a bad alternator