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What could you buy on the black market in World War 2?


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things that were not rationed

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there was no black market during World War II. Since the black market is a recent project.

punishmets could range from anything from a fine to jail depending on the persons involvememnt

black markets were of course illegal but were common in many

The Black Market officially began during World War II. The Black Market was illegal, even back then. The official year it began was 1939. The Black Market is still referred to today, in 2014.

The Black Market would have been used to purchase anything that would have been either rationed or just saved in a World War Two. Black Markets were of course illegal but they were common in many British cities. The government did very little to clamp down on them which is unsurprising as they did have a war to win!

Just about anything could be bought that was rationed. Things that were seen as luxurious items i.e. Dairy products, Red meats and many more things

The Black Market was where people in WW2 went to get foods that were un-purchasable or get extra rationed foods. This source of buying was illegal of course! so was stuff to do with it.

They could not get their bonuses when they needed them.

The stock market crashed before World War 2, in 1929.

Yes, Black Soldiers did fight in World War 1

nearly everything! dvds, movies alcohol, chocolate! anything you could think of really! even clothes, and you have no limit to buying things. hope this helped xox

Those who exceeded their alloted rations sometimes illegally purchased from what was called the 'Black Market'.

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A Black Market is an "underground" trading system where you can buy anything you want that is scarce or rationed - if you have the $$$. It's best-known incidence is World War II in the United States, where few things were plentiful in the standard market, but almost anything could be had in the Black Market. It was considered unpatriotic to use it because Black Markets automatically drive prices up - a very bad thing in wartime. Most Americans resisted it, but almost everyone dabbled in it once in a while, like getting an Easter ham for their family when the local butcher couldn't help, for example.

This is something that happened during World War II and was known as the Black Market.

World War 2 had a negative effect on the stock market. Stock values declined and did not increase until the war began to turn in favor of the allied powers.

Black markets of World War 2 grew out of necessity in both the United States and the United Kingdom (and other countries) in response to the shortages and inability to buy enough with the ration cards/stamps. They were basically innocuous and did help families survive. The governments of both countries did little to clamp down on the black market.

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It may have been considered possible once, as the close of World War 2 did lead to the Cold War, which very nearlly turned into a Nuclear war. However it can be said that any Nuclear war could have it's roots in World war 2 as the Nuclear weapon has it's roots in World war 2. Also if a Asian Communist nation was to start World war 3then that could be traced back to the Cold war and that in itself could be traced back to World war 2. It's all just a matter of perspective, for example; many causes of World war 2 have their roots in World war 1 so any war that could be traced back to the Cold war could then be blamed on events of World war 2 and in turn could be linked to the outcome of World war 1. So their is no yes or no answer as it really depends on how you look at it.

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