What counties does the Amazon River cover?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What counties does the Amazon River cover?
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How many counties does river amazon run through?

it runs through 6 counties

What counties does the amazon river pass through?

Brazil, Colombia, and Peru

What fraction of south America does the amazon river cover?

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Do you call the river Amazon the river Amazon or Amazon River?

The actual name is The Amazon or as some people refer to it as The Amazon River It's preffered as the Amazon River.

What is the vast river that basin that cover most of northern Brazil and part of Bolivia Peru Ecuador Colombia and Venezuela?

The Amazon river basin.

What are some questions to ask about the Amazon River?

what countries does the amazon river flow through? When did the Amazon river form? Where is the mouth of the river? Where is the amazon river basin located? Where is the Amazon river located? Who was the first person to discover the Amazon river?

What is the longest river in South America?

the amazon river is the longest river in south America

Where is the Flat River?

Flat River is located in the state of Michigan. Specifically, it is a tributary that spans three different counties. These counties include Montcalm, Ionia, and Kent counties.

Which river is the river sea in journey to the river sea?

it is the amazon river

Does the river Amazon flood?

The Amazon River does flood and it usually starts in November. The river floods every year and can swell up to 25 miles and tripling the land area it cover.

Which river flows through the amazon rainforest?

The Amazon River flows threw the Amazon rain forest.

What is South America longest river?

The longest river in south America is The Amazon river !!!!!