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Q: What countries derive from greek names?
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The only planet whose english name does not derive from greek mythology?

All the planets names are from Roman mythology, not Greek.

From what language does calligraphy derive?


Why does the name Aaron have 2 A?

The Hebrew name is Aharon, which appears as Aaron in Greek, since that language did not allow an intervocalic h. Greek is the language from which most of the English forms of Biblical names derive.

What is Zeta potential a term for?

Zeta is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet and has a value of 7 in the Greek numerals system. The names of the letter Z in the UK "Zed" and "Zee" both derive from the word Zeta.

What allusions to greek gods do we use today?

Well many words derive from the gods' names, such as volcano from the roman god Vulcan, and many words derive from the Greek muses (eg. museum etc.). Also, my grandma always used to say 'By Jove' when we were in trouble, Jove being the Roman for Zeus.

Where did the word photography derive?

From Greek, meaning painting with light

What P words derive from Greek word Mask?


Where did the word sapphire derive from?

Greek, 'sappheiros' - 'Blue Stone'.

Where does the word cathedral derive from?

It comes from the Greek word, kathedra.

Is earths name Greek or Roman?

Earth (Gaia) is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology. The name derives from Old English and Germanic. There are, of course, many other names for our planet in other languages.

Is the word legend from Greek or Latin?

The word legend has a Latin origin. Myth and mythology derive from Greek.

What does the name Jason name?

It is said to derive from the Greek word for "healer".