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Between 1936 and 1940, Hitler took over 11 zones, three of which cover a single country. In 1936, the Germans re-occupied the Rhineland. In 1938, they took over Austria and the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. In 1939, they took over Bohemia and Moravia, both also part of Czechoslovakia, as well as Poland. Then, in 1940, they took over Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and France.

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Why did the Soviet Union want to keep Germany weak?

to keep countries between Germany and Soviet Union were under the Soviet Control.

How many countries did Germany control by the end of 1940?

Germany controlled 7 countries by the end of 1940.

What countries did Germany control when Hitler was defeated in 1945?

Obviously, once Germany and Hitler were defeated, they controlled no countries. Not even Germany.

What countries does Germany control?

Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon.

Did dictators of Germany and Italy control their countries?


Which country was keen to control the Balkan countries?


What European countries did Germany never control?


What countries did did Germany invade and then control?

poland and france

Does Britain have control over Germany?

No, Britain does not have control over Germany. Both countries - along with others - are members of the European Union.

Germany was under control of what major countries during Holocaust?

Nazi Germany was under Nazi German control during the Holocaust.

How many countries did Germany control between 1936-1940?

In 1936, Germany only controlled Germany. It invaded Poland in 1939, starting World War 2, and then invaded France in 1940.

How many countries did Germany control in 1936?

In 1936 Germany did not control any other country.In 1936, just Germany. Expansion started in 1938 with the annexation of Austria,

What countries in Europe did Germany not control during world war 2?

Germany did not control the neutral countries, even if they had some influence: * Sweden * Switzerland * Spain * Irish Republic * Portugal The did not control Britain and did not control all of the Soviet Union. German 'control' of Finland and Bulgaria was limited.

What country did control Germany after World War 2?

there were four countries that had control of a region of germany.russia zone was in the east part of germany,the british had control of the northern region,the united states had control of the southern region of germany,and the french had conrtol of a region in the east along there border with germany.

How did hitler use Germany?

Used it to keep control and attack other countries

what countries did not control a sector of Germany after World War 2?

US, UK, USSR and France did control sectors

This is why Germany went to war..?

Germany went to war for many reasons. In WWII, they went to war because they wanted to control the countries surrounding Germany.

Which city in Germany was split between Germany and America?

Berlin was divided between the US and the Soviet Union control at the end of WWII.

Which countries took control of other countries during the 1930s?

The Axis Powers Japan,Italy,Germany,Hungary,Romania,Bulgara,

What nations gained control of Germany following World War 2?

democratic countries controled western Germany while communists took over eastern Germany

What countries did the USSR control?

Poland, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

Does Germany control Japan?

No. Germany and Japan have never exercised political or military control over one another. Germany was instrumental, though, in helping Japan to modernize and the two countries were strong allies in World War II.

What countries were under the control of Germany at the height of World War 2?

Some countries that were under the control of Germany included Austria, Yugoslavia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Norway, and many other European countries. The Germans also controlled parts of North Africa.

What is the dividing line between states or countries?

Line Of Control

What countries that use fascism?

Facism refers to a strict government that has a dictator who has the ultimate control and encourages on extreme racism and nationalism. The countries that were effected by fascism were Germany and Italy and countries taken over by Germany in world war 2.

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